Wednesday, March 14, 2012

140 advertisers dump rush

It couldn't have happened to a more deserving jacka$$, but for perhaps the first time in Rush's entire miserable life, he is finally being held accountable for the idiocy that ceaselessly spews from his mouth. That is, according to new reports as many as 90% of Rush's advertisements seem to be public service announcements, as many as 140 advertisers have deserted him. This reinforces my point that Rush Limbaugh is the media SLUT, not Sandra Fluke. Now Rush is finally being dumped like the cheap little media whore that he is.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Limbaugh Loses 42 Advertisers Due to Defamatory Comments

The total number of advertisers that the Rush Limbaugh Show has lost since its slanderous comments about Sandra Fluke now stands at 42.  You may recall that Rush Limbaugh accused Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke of being a "slut" and a "prostitute" when she testified before congress about the need for women to have access to contraception through insurance coverage.  Back in a place called reality, Fluke was actually arguing that birth control pills have medical benefits such as preventing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which has nothing to do with having sex or being a slut.  For some women their periods are so painful that they can be debilitating and birth control also allows them to skip periods or at least have less painful ones.  Of course, these are FACTS as opposed to the FACT-FREE content that Rush Limbaugh spews to his listeners. Since Limbaugh refuses to do research or engage in factual dialogs and instead chooses to bully women with his slurs, advertisers are making the right choices.  Keep the pressure on, because the only thing that a self-absorbed pig like Limbaugh understands is when it affects him in the pocketbook.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Of Course Fluke Will Sue Limbaugh for Defamation

People are asking, I wonder if Sandra Fluke will sue radio rapist Rush Limbaugh for repeated verbal molestations, calling her a "slut" and a "prostitute", for wanting insurers to cover birth control.  Hummm...that's a good it isn't.  It's a stupid question considering that she is a LAW STUDENT and that Rush has PUBLICLY DEFAMED her without any evidence or mitigation.  He can claim all he wants that his unfunny, completely serious statements are "jokes" and "entertainment", but he accused her of criminal actions, and even if he was joking, his listeners are too dumb to know the difference.  Limbots pretty much take what Rush says at face value.  He did injure this woman's reputation accusing her of criminal actions, like prostitution.    He claimed without evidence that this woman is promiscuous and that her parents should be embarrassed by her.  That could certainly have an impact on her ability to find employment or future clients as a lawyer.

If I claimed that Rush was an monkey-f*(king, AIDS-infected, gay-gigolo who smuggled cocaine around in his enormous a$$ then I would expect that he and his fans would feel this crossed the line as well.  The fact that he made these comments not once but several times, upping the ante instead of retracting them, makes her case even stronger.  It is very clear that he intended, with malice of forethought to injure this woman's reputation using his widely distributed show, so Mrs. Fluke can easily justify suing the radio stations that broadcast Limbaugh.  Surely, as a law student, she knows that 95% of suits are settled out of court and the more deep-pocketed people and organizations are involved the better your chances are of getting a settlement.  Heck, I'm sure that many lawyers would argue the case for free just to get the publicity.

BTW, I think Rush is just jealous because Sandra is a smokin babe.  Limbaugh, as an oxycontin-addled, closeted homosexual, doesn't know how to talk to smart, attractive women.  That's why he can never get any women and has failed to consummate any of his four marriages or have any children, even though he's old enough to be a grandpa.  Why is it that women keep leaving Rush?  Can we say Brokeback Mount-Rushmore.
See, real men like having sex with women, Rush, so we fully support contraception.  You like getting pounded in the butt by men, so you don't need to worry about getting preggers.

RUSH is the SLUT, not Sandra Fluke

RUSH is a media SLUT who has been mind-sodomizing the nation for decades, so for him to call other people a "slut" or a "prostitute", is laughably hypocritical and down-right absurd, like pretty much everything else on his show.  Proof that Limbaugh is a slut came when Quicken Loans pulled out of advertising on his show, after he made his latest moronic claim that Sandra Fluke was a "slut" for advocating insurance coverage of birth control. Never mind that men have long received Viagra from Medicare and can continue to receive it now, even after rule changes, as long as they claim it's for "hypertension".

Anyway, it's not that Quicken Loans doesn't love Rush, it's just that they already had their fun with him, so they shot their wad all over his face and then left the money on the table, on the way out the door.  The same thing happened with former Johns Legal Zoom, and Sleep Number who had been gang banging him like a rented donkey, but apparently got tired of his ugly horse-face and dumped him like the ten-dollar hoe that he is.

But you may still be thinking that Rush has a point.  Why should I have to pay for X, Y, or Z?  If you think that it proves that you are a moron, because we always have this debate and there is always something that some taxpayer doesn't want to pay for.  I don't want to pay for Rush's rectal exam either, which consumes half of the Medicare budget right there, but the government has never been a (tossed) salad bar where each individual tax payers could veto public policy for the other $300 million of us. Welcome to reality and try to live there a little more often.

No, Rush has no point, except the one rammed up his butt during gay sex.  Yes, Mr. Limbaugh is closeted-homosexual, in addition to being a media whore.  How can you prove this in five seconds?  Firstly, there is the fact that he has never had kids, despite claiming to be a traditional, "family-values" guy.  Then there are the rumors that none of his three marriages were ever consummated.  In other words he doesn't really like sex with women.  Those were just sham marriages, which is common for closeted homosexuals to hide their true identities.  Remember Brokeback Mountain?  But Rush is OK with you paying for his Viagra so he can go have sex with men in bathrooms, like his buddy Larry Craig.  Remember, it's for his "hypertension".