Sunday, September 23, 2012

Contraceptive implants, IUDs recommended for teens

This is an idea I wrote about years ago, but finally the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology has endorsed the idea that all sexually active teen girls should be getting hormonal implants or Intrauterine Devices.  For self-proclaimed, right-wing opponents of "big government", this would save tens of billions of dollars normally needed for welfare assistance to unwed mothers and aid to families with dependent children.  It would be a "no brainier" which normally would appeal to brain-challenged republicans, except for the fact that virtually all republicans in the USA are religious fanatics who tout extremely outdated, stone age views about the "evils" of contraception.  As I have already noted, they claim that "abstinence" is better than contraception, which is equivalent to saying that cops and soldiers should be forced not to wear body armor and instead, just be told, "try not to get shot".  Who but a total fool, or a fanatic, would actually go onto the battlefield without body armor to test this point?  Why not both wear body armor AND try not to get shot?  Also, who but a fool or a fanatic would claim that wearing body armor would make you "want to get shot more often".  Yet the fools and fanatics who oppose implantable contraception say that it will just cause girls to have more sex.  The reality is that teens will have sex anyway, regardless of the risk of pregnancy, and there will still be plenty of risks, such as STDs, if they fail to use condoms.  But at least they won't get pregnant at 14 and end up as welfare mothers who never finish high school.  At least this would be some kind of progress, but I know that self-proclaimed "conservatives" hate progress more than anything else.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jesus had a wife. Can Catholic Priests Get Married Now?

The DaVinci Code may have prepared the general public for the idea, but scholars have long suspected that, according to the evidence in a variety of ancient manuscripts that Jesus may have had a wife.  Now, yet another scrap of evidence has come to light called the Gospel of the Wife of Jesus.  Unknown from this writing is who the wife of Jesus was, though many have suggested that it was Mary Magdelene.  This fragmentary writing not only indicates that females can be disciples, but that the highest level of leadership in the Church are allowed to have wives.  If that is true then it may be the final nail in the coffin for the Catholic arguments against females in the priesthood, and their prohibition on priests being married.  Oh the times are a-changin', even in the oldest surviving bureaucracy in the world -- the Catholic church.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney Pays No Taxes! He's in the 47% He Mocks.

Mitt Romney mocks the 47% of Americans who end up paying no income tax, but he resembles that remark.  After all, he won't release his own taxes precisely because he has paid little or no taxes for almost a decade.  Indeed, according to the IRS, there are many millionaires and billionaires who pay NO income taxes.  Indeed, the Bush tax cuts vastly increased the number of people who pay no income taxes, especially at the top.  Of course, Mitt did it the old-fashioned way by creating sleazy tax shelters in the Caymen Islands and putting his money in Swiss bank accounts. At least the average American who ends up with all their income taxes refunded to them didn't intentionally attempt to manipulate IRS rules.  It was just bad Republican tax policies that Mitt Romney supported.

However, it is misleading to say that 47% of Americans pay NO taxes.  They pay payroll tax, unlike Romney because they work for a living in a real job, as opposed to just investing in companies that dispose of aborted fetuses, like Romney did with Stericycle, or companies that outsource American jobs to China, India, and Mexico.  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Muslim world shoots self in foot AGAIN and again

Muslims continue mindlessly lashing out and allowing themselves to be incited/manipulated, as they cling to the flimsy excuse that they are mad about some youtube video.  I've got a news flash for the Muslim world.  There are tons of anti-islamic videos all over the internet.  This particular one says nothing that hasn't been said a million times already.

However, by their predictable, knee jerk first resort to violence and murderous rage, blindly lashing out at anything western, be it Germans, Australians, Americans, etc they produced another self-inflicted gunshot wound to their own collective feet.  They have given a wondrous gift to anti-muslims everywhere.  They have promoted this anti-muslim "Innocence of Islam" film 1000 times more than it ever would have been before.  They have given anti-muslim hardliners plenty of PR pictures of violent, screaming, angry muslims, which will be used to justify more persecution of the innocent and peaceful muslims who live in the US, for example.

Right-wingers will seize upon this as proof that profiling needs to be increased.  They will use it as evidence that we should restrict where mosques should be allowed to be built.

At the same time, it'sabundantly clear that the Muslim world never learns from these previous experiences.  Like rabid dogs, they continue to fall into the same traps over and over again.  If one didn't know better, one would think that Mossad was behind these trumped up, phony outpouring of outrage, just to make the muslim community look bad.  While normally the muslim community would believe any conspiracy theory about Mossad, however, this is unlikely, because the support for these activities is far more grassroots than astroturf.

Romney Would Sell Islamic Protesters Flags to Burn

Tax cheat Mitt Romney and his marathon of lies running mate Paul Ryan like to talk tough about Islamic protesters, but the only thing they would do differently than Obama is that they would secretly sell the protesters flags to burn.  If you have no patriotism, like Caymen-island Mitt, and will compromise any and all of you principles, which Romney and Ryan have proven they do again and again, switching sides on pretty much any issue, then selling flags to protesters would be a pretty brisk business.  You sell them, they burn them, and repeat.
After all, Romney invested in Stericycle which makes equipment to dispose of aborted fetuses.  Romney claimed he was "pro-life" at the time, but that didn't stop him from wanting to cash in on abortions.  He often claims that he "personally" disagreed with how the companies he invested in made their "dirty" money, but that didn't stop him from investing millions of dollars in those companies because hey, money is thicker than morals when you're a vulture capitalist, corporate raider, who would sell his own mother for $5 + stock options.  So why would he hesitate about something like this?  I bet he already has print-on-demand flag kiosks being installed in every major capital in the Arab world.  Perhaps next he will have vending machines with rocks and molotov cocktails that protesters can hurl at our embassies.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Stop Hiding Behind Islam, You Murderous Cowards

Muslim rioters are 100% unjustified in their anti-American attacks, and they cannot hide behind Islam as any kind of  justification for their cowardly behavior.  America had absolutely nothing to do with some ridiculous film about Mohammed and, even if it had been produced by Obama himself, saying something mean about someone else's religion is never sufficient, in the civilized world to justify murder.  Only savages and the mentally-challenged believe that the exercise of free speech justifies murder.  Of course, these theocrats don't believe in free speech or any kind of freedom for anyone to disagree with them.

They are school yard bullies who do this only riot in places where they know they are the overwhelming majority, like Egypt or Libya, and therefore they do not fear retribution.  Even so, in principal, they deserve to be shot like the murderous thugs and violent lawbreakers that they are.  I think that the US Secret Service should develop some more extensive and serious assets so that, when these periodic riots break out, as they seem to every year or so in the Muslim world, that we exact some payback against the perpetrators. 

Muslim Bigots Way Worse than Tea Party Fanatics

We have stup1d, xenophobic big0ts in the US too.  Usually those people call themselves things like Tea Partiers, or Republicans, or rednecks.  But, even the craziest of our right-wing political extremists are not burning down the Saudi Embassy right now or breaking the windows at Middle Eastern restaurants all across the country.  This is proof that the brainless muslim scumbags who are burning and attacking American embassies around the world are clearly way more despicable and more cowardly than US fanatic christians, and other ultra-nationalists.  I say that these Muslims are completely and utter cowards, because they would not dare do this in places where they were not in the extreme majority.  They only believe they can get away with it because they expect that the police in their country will be lax in enforcing the laws and because they believe that the US and its allies will be diplomatic and conciliatory, in an effort to end the riots.  It's often the only option that we realistically have in places like Libya or Egypt, etc. 

However, I would love it if leaders like Obama would call this hateful anti-Americanism what it is and to say something like, "This controversy is 100% without merit , the rioters are 100% unjustified, and they cannot hide behind Islam to excuse their lawbreaking and unmitigated malice toward America and the West".  If Mitt Romney would even say that, it would be one thing I could possibly respect about the man. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Anti-islam film as big a fraud as islamic radicals

It's always amazing how Islamic m0r*ns run out and murder people to prove how "peace-loving" and reasonable their religion is.  In doing so, they continue to discredit and embarrass their religion worse than any poorly-produced, youtube film like "Innocence of Islam" could ever do.  It's also blatantly obvious that these militants hunt for any flimsy excuse to attack Americans, despite the fact that the US had absolutely, positively nothing to do with this ridiculous film.  Yes, it was shot in the US, under false pretenses, by a non-American, originally calling himself Sam Bacile.  However, blaming the US for that makes as much sense as blaming the nation of Italy when your pasta gets undercooked.  As I have noted, the actors in the film indicate that they did not know the content of the film they were producing and words are dubbed over their performances that the actors themselves never uttered.  The man who called himself Sam Bacile now appears to be a Coptic Christian named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who among other things, was convicted of bank fraud in the US.

So clearly the guy making the film is a fraud, but so are the millions of mor*nic marching muslims who are grasping at any straw to use the film as an excuse to attack people that they know had nothing to do with this trumped up nonsense.

It is noteworthy that only Islam believes that it can constantly get away with such behavior in the modern world.  Surely Muslims publish anti-christian and anti-jewish propaganda all the time, but Christians don't run down to the Saudi embassy  in Washington, DC and shoot RPGs through their windows or murder their diplomats.  That's too bad, in one sense, because maybe if Christians or Jews did start bombing Muslim embassies then the muslim world would be put on notice that we were not going to put up with their stupid bull$hit anymore.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Without a change in congress things wont be different

At the flopped Republican convention that produced zero bounce in the polls for Mitt Romney, one of the questions was "If there is no change in leadership, why should the next four years be any different than the last?"  Indeed we do need a change in leadership ... of the Do Nothing Republican Congress who has intentionally sabotaged the economy for the past four years, and obstructed hundreds of Bills.  A huge step in this direction would be to remove Paul Ryan from Congress, since he has been one of the most partisan of obstructionists, vying to cut trillions from social security, medicare, and every other government program that makes the US a liveable, modern nation.  If Obama had a democratic house to go along with the democratic senate, then he would have gotten a stimulus large enough to make the economy grow more robustly.  Instead Republicans wanted zero stimulus, and then said the small stimulus was too large, and finally carped that the stimulus didn't work fast enough, even as they obstructed it and got republican governors to refuse to accept money from it to put people back to work.  Yes, we need a change from our current republican leadership in the House of Reps and in governorships that tried to sabotage our economy.  Then we can expect more positive results.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sioux City SUX liars didnt build FAA airport

Republican morons have been adamant about misrepresenting what Obama said about businesses not building the public infrastructure on which their businesses rely.  For example, they did not build all the post offices on which many of their businesses rely to send and receive goods and services.  They did not build the school houses in which they were educated at public expense, in order to be able to scrawl propaganda on a sign that shows their ignorance of civics, and their arrogant ingratitude to those who fought and died to build this nation for them.  They certainly did not build the hospital in which they were born.  In a like way, they did not build the FAA registered airport at Sioux City, nor did they build all the roads and utilities around it and throughout the city that lead up to the airport and support it.  They are simply liars, then when they say, "Obama...SUX.  We did build this."  No, you f*cking liar, you most certainly did not.  At best you built a small part of a large system, and you wouldn't have been capable of building any of it 100% on your own, with no help from the country that raised and protected you.  Every business that Romney has tried to use as an example to say, "We built our business entirely on our own" so far has turned out, on closer inspection, to have gotten huge amounts of money from the government in terms of loans, government contracts, and tax breaks.

These people want to claim 100% credit for everything good in their lives, and paradoxically, every misfortune is attributed to Obama.  You can't have it both ways.  Either you really are 100% self-made, which is doubtful, in which case it wouldn't matter who the president is or what he does, or you are not self-made in which case you need to stop lying and saying that you built 100% of your own success.