Sunday, September 23, 2012

Contraceptive implants, IUDs recommended for teens

This is an idea I wrote about years ago, but finally the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology has endorsed the idea that all sexually active teen girls should be getting hormonal implants or Intrauterine Devices.  For self-proclaimed, right-wing opponents of "big government", this would save tens of billions of dollars normally needed for welfare assistance to unwed mothers and aid to families with dependent children.  It would be a "no brainier" which normally would appeal to brain-challenged republicans, except for the fact that virtually all republicans in the USA are religious fanatics who tout extremely outdated, stone age views about the "evils" of contraception.  As I have already noted, they claim that "abstinence" is better than contraception, which is equivalent to saying that cops and soldiers should be forced not to wear body armor and instead, just be told, "try not to get shot".  Who but a total fool, or a fanatic, would actually go onto the battlefield without body armor to test this point?  Why not both wear body armor AND try not to get shot?  Also, who but a fool or a fanatic would claim that wearing body armor would make you "want to get shot more often".  Yet the fools and fanatics who oppose implantable contraception say that it will just cause girls to have more sex.  The reality is that teens will have sex anyway, regardless of the risk of pregnancy, and there will still be plenty of risks, such as STDs, if they fail to use condoms.  But at least they won't get pregnant at 14 and end up as welfare mothers who never finish high school.  At least this would be some kind of progress, but I know that self-proclaimed "conservatives" hate progress more than anything else.

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