Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Its 3/13/13. Will new pope be elected at 13:13 pm

It's double 13 day today, since the day and the year end in 13.  I'm not a superstitious person, but 13 is considered an unlucky number.  Judas was the 13th apostle.  Add to this the fact that medieval prophecies attributed to Saint Malachy say that there will be 112 popes before "doomsday" and Ratzinger was number 111.  Like I say, I don't believe in superstitions, but it would be a numerologically unlucky coincidence for the pope to be elected today, especially if the hour or minute includes a 13.  That would be doubly true if the Catholic church elects their first ever black pope, since cardinal Turkson, is a well-liked and viable candidate for pope this time.   As some people have heard it is now popular to claim that the Anti-christ will be a dark-skinned man.  This pretty  preposterous interpretation was heavily used against Barack Obama during both elections in the US, and we can expect that some will use it against Turkson as well in the papal elections.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Last Pope Prophecy Another Doomsday Prediction

With the previous pope now stepping down (sort of) and the cardinals meeting to pick his replacement, the usual suspects have emerged to claim that all of this silliness is part of vague and strange prophecies dating back to the middle ages.  Of course there is the go to prophet of Dumbassery, NostraDumbass himself, who can always be counted on to furnish something vague and undated.  But there is also the alleged writings of Saint Malachy, which many believe are a late forgery.  The text attributed to him names 112 popes from his day in the 1100's up to judgment day.  Benedict XVI is supposedly the 111th.  But most of the one line descriptions of the popes are very vague after the late 1500's, when the forgery was written.  But what's one more failed prophecy and one more holy forgery in a religion chock full of them?  After the Mayan prophecy,  I noted that this would have no effect on the superstitious, who will keep churning out new nonsense as though the previous nonsense didn't even exist.

Besides, if this next pope (allegedly named peter) is the last pope, we don't know how long he will be pope before doomsday.  He could live a very long time, or he could have a heart attack five minutes after being elected.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hugo Chavez Dead. God Couldn't Save Him

Unlike other Marxists, like his atheist buddy Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez insisted that he remained devoutly Christian, in keeping with his Roman Catholic upbringing.  His religiosity seems only to have intensified since his battle with cancer began.  However, apparently all that praying couldn't cure his disease.  Indeed the 87-year-old atheist Fidel Castro is still around and kicking and Chavez is not.  So much for the power of prayer.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Former Pope Benny No Longer Infallible?

So, now that Pope Benedict has resigned and returned to just being plain old Joseph Ratzinger, what of his former Papal Infallibility.  He used to have a direct line to God, or so we have been told, on important matters of faith.  Has his long-distance account been terminated now?  Has told Benny that he no longer has any minutes left on his plan, and changed the access code?  Maybe without the papal decoder ring and staff and funny hat he can't receive the proper transmissions any more.
What if the new pope does say things that Benny disagrees with.  I know that right now the former Pope Benedict claims that he will be "obedient" to his new successor.  But why should he even need to say that unless there is a possibility that they will disagree?  Don't they talk to the same God?  Oh, right the new pope has the decoder ring now.  But don't you think that Pope Benny already downloaded God's answers on all the important issues of the day when he was pope all the way up to yesterday?  Are we really to believe that,  if the new pope is installed next month, and he then proceeds to abolish some policy that Ratzinger set up, that the Almighty changed his mind?
In short, isn't it time to admit that Popes are nothing but normal men (except in the alleged case of Pope Joan)?  Isn't it time to admit that they have no special access to God and that they are anything but infallible?

Pope Benny is Pope No More

Well Pope Benny is finally no longer the pope again, and they are not even sure when a new one will be selected, despite initial promises that it would be before Easter.  So Benny will go back to just being Ratty old Ratzinger.  He was a cardinal, but presumably he is retired from that as well.  I wonder if he will still dress up like a pimp or not.  I bet he will still wear a cross dress in the little man-skirts that Catholic priests and monks are wont to wear.