Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Je Suis Charlie Aussi. Saudis say Charlie Hebdo Massacre "incompatible with islam", but still imprison and execute people for blasphemy

It is a FACT that fanatic Islam is a barbarous religion.  The first proof of this is all the blood-thirsty threats that fanatic Muslims will make against you the moment you say this.  They are literally proving what they are attempting to deny when they act this way, but most are still not capable of controlling themselves.  They will claim you are provoking them, but if you insult Christianity, you won't find virtually* any Christians demanding that you be put to death on the spot by a lynch mob.  Sure most Christians won't like you saying bad things about Jesus or their religion, but they accept your right to say such things without trying to murder you for it.  Muslims do not accept your right to say these things, and yet insist on their own "right" to "freedom of speech".  That makes them hypocrites, pure and simple.  They want freedom of speech, including the freedom to insult and blaspheme Christianity, but they want to murder you if you say bad things about THEIR religion. That is barbarism and its also hypocrisy.

They are even more hypocritical when they try to have it both ways and say that the Paris attacks are "incompatible with Islam".  Indeed it is not incompatible with Islamic law as practiced in Saudi Arabia, Iran, or many other places by the state, where they believe that it is justified to execute, imprison, and/or publically flog people who blaspheme their religion.  

Even 25 years after Iran issued a death sentence against Salman Rushdie for writing _The Satanic Verses_, they have not retracted it but reaffirmed it.  Yes, the Saudis are saying that the Paris attacks are "incompatible with Islam", and then we hear about a person sentence to 10 years in prison, a quarter million dollar fine, and 1000 lashes for blasphemy.  Yes, Raif Badawi received this sentence for blog posts critical of Islam.  Maybe he wasn't sentenced to death formally, but 1000 lashes could certainly kill someone.  Nobody in Western Christian countries receives sentences like this for blaspheming Christianity. Public beatings are still barbaric, and Muslims in Saudi Arabia support it.  Therefore they are barbarians and hold these beliefs because of their barbaric religious views.

Now I did say that "virtually*" no Christian in the western world thinks you should be put to death for blasphemy.  There are very tiny Christian minorities, like those at the Westboro Baptist Church, of "god hates fags" fame, who picket the funerals of American Soldiers, believe in strict biblical laws. But they are very uncommon.  Even the majority of fanatic Christians think they are too extreme.  No Western nations, including those that are nominally Christian, such as the Vatican State, for example, are known to routinely execute or imprison people for blasphemy alone.

Such is not the case in Muslim countries.  It is not tiny minorities who believe people should be put to death by stoning or beheading, etc. for committing blasphemy.  It is common place and frequent in Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, etc.  It is not a powerless fringe minority.  It is the state, and it has widespread support amongst the populace.  That is the difference, and that is why it is totally legitimate to say that Islam itself is a barbarous religion that very clearly condones and supports this kind of activity.