Monday, September 23, 2013

Mall Seige Continues. I hope Kenyan Army Kicks Somalian Rump

I can't believe that this military seige at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi is still going on.  It is great that some of the hostages have been rescued.
I hope that the Kenyan Army goes back into Somalia and kicks some major a$$ this time.  That is always the deal that should be made with arrogant terrorist extremists.  These Somalian scumbags claims they performed this attack in "revenge" for previous Kenyan military operations.  I would put them on notice that any action you take will be paid back 100 fold. You can't reason with them.  You can only demonstrate to them that they have no monopoly on the use of violence.  They are not the only people who can figure out how to pull a trigger or a grenade pin.  Perhaps next time they will at least know that the consequences of their actions will be disproportionately punitive against themselves and their backers.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nairobi Mall Terrorists Need To Be Bombed Flat. No Negotiation.

Everyone says, "we don't negotiate with terrorists", when in fact they do.  Everyone tries to negotiate with terrorists, just like the Kenyan government tried to do with this mass-murdering Muslim mob of Somalian scum-bags who attacked a shopping mall in Nairobi.  If they really didn't negotiate then these "standoffs" would be over in 5 minutes.  They would just bomb the godd*mn mall flat and be done with it.  Of course we want to "save the hostages", but the fact is that these people are probably as good as dead anyway.  The odds that they will be successfully freed is remote at best.  We all know that the government won't let the terrorists get away, just as we know that the terrorists won't let their hostages get away.  There comes a point where you just have to write off some of those losses as unavoidable.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

NeoCons Say Syria Was a False Flag But 9/11 Wasn't an Inside Job

It's kind of funny that, after 9-11 right-wingers insisted that anybody who claimed that Bush might have "Let It Happen On Purpose" (LIHOP) or that it had some of the trappings of a False Flag, Inside Job, meant to justify a "War on Terror" were *ABSOLUTELY INSANE*.  Yet within hours of Syria's equivalent of 9/11, where thousands of civilians were killed by chemical weapons, these same right wingers were screaming that this was-- wait for it -- a Setup, a False Flag, an Inside Job committed by the rebels against their own people (probably with help by Obama himself) to justify war with Syria.  Of course, the difference was that Bush did use 9/11 to justify a decade long "War on Terror" involving multiple wars, the passing of the Patriot Act, and the NSA surveillance that we are only learning about now.  Obama, on the other hand, resolved the situation without firing a single shot.  So which one seems more likely to have been the real False Flag....?

Obama Gets Syrian Victory Without Firing A Shot

A lot of dumba$$es are doing their mumble-mouth gloating about how "Obama sure screwed up on Syria...blah, blah, blah", but actually Obama got what was after without firing a shot.  Granted, it is unlikely that they will turn over everything they have, but the reality is that airstrikes probably only would have eliminated a small amount of the Syrian stockpile anyway.  As it is, larger quantities will probably be eliminated now, and any that is held back can always be used as a justification for further action later on, on the grounds that they broke the deal.  So it's really undebatable that Obama managed to come out of this otherwise no-win situation. Plus, he made it look like he actually did something in Syria without having to do much.  The actual implementation can be turned over to the UN, now that the Russians won't c*ckblock it.  In the mean time, he lets both sides of the Syrian conflict, neither one of which is friendly to the US, continue to duke it out and kill each other for us.

John McCain is America's Putin

Rage-aholic John McCain wants to write a column in Pravda dissing Putin.  I didn't know they accepted stick figure crayon drawings as columns.  Perhaps he will draw a picture of Sarah Palin watching Putin from her house in Alaska with an itchy trigger finger.  Boy, we really dodged a bullet when McCain/Palin lost by a landslide against Obama.  In many ways Putin and McCain have the same temperament.  Both are known to fly into rages and lash out at their opponents.  Both are tiny little blowhards who think they are far bigger and tougher than they really are.  Can we say Napoleon complex.  More like Napoleon Dynamite, but if the shoe fits.    Seriously though, what the hell is McCain doing writing to Putin.  If anyone should be writing anything it should be an actual world leader like Obama, not a washed up joke like John McCain.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Putin Your Footin Your Mouth. Vlad makes Obama's Plan Sound Good Again.

Perhaps if Vladimir Putin spelled his name Puttin', as in "Puttin' your Foot in your mouth" then he would be appropriately named.  As it stands, Obama's proposed Syrian intervention was pretty unpopular, but leave it to a guy like Putin to change that with his latest missive about how Americans aren't exceptional and should just look the other way when chemical weapons are used to commit genocide.  The man truly puts the *offensive* in "charm offensive".

And have you ever seen someone so self-consciously in love with himself, BTW?  Given is rather marked lack of diplomatic tact, it seems more than a little inappropriate for him to have such a high opinion of himself. Maybe if the guy spend less time staring the in mirror and more time working on his character then we might believe he cared about anything other than himself.

Furthermore, if he truly cares about preventing further chemical weapons genocide then why did he furnish these to Syria in the first place?  Of course he denies this, but he denied that the attack happened in the first place, or that Assad was responsible.  Now, he suddenly has maps of all the Syrian chemical weapons depots and is volunteering to turn them over.  Gee, I wonder how he got such precise information.  Maybe he saved the delivery receipts from when he shipped them to Assad.

I have to re-iterate this, so that people are sure to get it.  The Russians denied that chemical weapons were being used at all.  But it turns out they knew that was a lie.  They knew there were tons of chemical weapons all over the place in Syria.  And they knew exactly where to find them.  How else would they have been able to pledge to turn them over so quickly?  And why truly believes that they will turn over the really good stuff that they probably have in reserve.  They need that for survival, so what are the chances that Assad will give away that last ace up his sleeve?  

Oh, and if the rebels are the ones who are using the chemical weapons it sure is curious that none of Assad's soldiers have been killed by them.  What a lucky coincidence.  Syrian civilians haven't been so lucky.

War Criminal Vladimir Putin Says US Not Exceptional, Shouldn't Attack Syria

A man like Vladimir Putin who conducted brutal and illegal wars in Chechnya and Georgia now wants us to believe that he stands for "international law".  A man who ordered the poisoning of his own former FSB agent with radioactive Polonium 210, and the person who almost certainly supplied chemical weapons to Syria in the first place, now wants us to believe that he cares about these weapons not being used on civilians.  According to Alexander Litvinenko, the man Putin had killed, the Russia Apartment Bombings were orchestrated to bring Putin back to power. Yet, now he tells us that attacking Syria could unleash more terrorism.

But what really isn't believable is that Putin invokes an alleged belief in God, yeah right, and says that's why we are all created equal, in response to "American Exceptionalism".  Of course, Obama didn't say that Americans were created better than anyone else, but that we are different because of the choices we make, like when we intervene to stop genocide in Libya, or chemical genocide in Syria.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hypocritical Opponents of Syria Strike Complicit In Genocide, Appeasement, and War Crimes

Newt Gingrinch, a man famous for his utter disconnection from reality, has predictably and hypocritically expressed his cowardly opposition to punishing genocidal maniac Bashar Assad, and holding him accountable for his multiple uses of chemical weapons against civilians that have causes thousands of deaths. This is tantamount endorsing his activities and will certain encourage him to redouble his genocidal efforts. Almost as if they were on ASSAD'S PAYROLL, or at least getting CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS, Republicans have almost universally lined up to endorse ASSAD'S war-crimes and thrown in with VLADIMIR PUTIN and IRAN in opposition to Syrian intervention, all because they hate Obama.  They hate Obama so much that they are willing to betray our national interests in order to score a political cheap shot.  It is clearly in the US national interest to knock Syria and their Iran Hezbollah stooges in the dirt.  The fact that Iran and Russia are Syria's biggest allies and are completely opposed to intervention is sufficient proof that the present Syrian regime needs to be toppled.  If Romney were president then they would be whole-throatedly screaming for an full-scale ground invasion.  But Romney got his a$$ kicked in the last election and Republican prostituted their souls to the highest bidder, who appears to be the Syrian despot. Even more ironically and hypocritically, Gingrich has previously been a cheerleader of attacking "islamofascism" where ever it could found, and if Assad and his Iranian Hezbollah buddies aren't Islamofascists then nobody is.

Their aid and comfort to the enemy Assad regime not only sells out our national security, but it stands in stark contrast to their knee jerk endorsement of reckless military adventurism in Iraq and Afghanistan. Man they couldn't get enough of ill-conceived military operations when Bush Jr was in the Whitehouse, and "the evidence was fixed around the policy" to achieve it, as the Downing Street memo famously noted. Now the little cowards are hiding behind Rand Paul's toupee saying lets give peace with a genocidal maniac a chance. As suddenly as they discovered "fiscal responsibility" after a decade long spending and tax-cut for the wealthy bender, they have likewise discovered isolationism and appeasement, despite their recent "kick their a$$ and take their ga$" cowboy foreign policy.  Of course, one of the major differences here is that Syria doesn't have massive oil reserves like Iraq did.  So they don't care to intervene.  It was the same reason that they coddled and appeased Libyan despot Mohamar Qaddafi under the Bush regime as well.  It fell to Obama to depose Qaddafi, and Republicans were so angry at the demise of their cash-cow dictator friend that they initiated the laughable Benghazi Witchhunt that persists to this day.  Recall that Qaddafi threatened genocide against the people of Benghazi, which is why we intervened, despite vehement and vociferous Republican objections.  If Republicans had their way then Benghazi would have just been the site of another major massacre of civilians, rather than the name they give to made up scandal because a few militants succeeded in killing our ambassador in the chaos of post-liberation.

Hopefully, Obama will take military action against Syria anyway, in spite of the small-minded, and utterly incompetent political games of "gotcha" politics that Republicans are attempting to play. Not punishing Assad is equivalent to telling him "keep up the good work" of murdering your countrymen.  If we don't stand against the use of chemical weapons in Syria then we can expect that, soon enough, emboldened Islamists like Assad's Hezbollah allies will attempt to unleash them on US soil.  With the anniversary of September 11th drawing near it is truly disheartening to see a betrayal of that memory on the part of Gingrich and the Teabagger extremists he represents.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ariel Castro Kills Himself, Doing World a Favor

Ohio kidnapper and sexual predator Ariel Castro, who held three women captive for over a decade in his house, apparently hanged himself in his prison cell.  One person in Castro's family wondered if his victims, would "be glad or angry at Castro's death".  Duh.  Of course they will be happy.  Even the members of his own family all cut their ties with him and planned to never visit him in prison.  How is this situation any different, except that it spares the state and everyone else the burden of taking care of him.  Castro actually did a favor to his victims and the world in general by removing himself from it.  The only thing left to say're welcome.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Idiotic Zombie Survivalism Needs to Die

Selling a moronic idea like Doomsday Prepping has never been easy.  Therefore, fictional surrogates like "zombies" have recently been "brought back from the dead" as a plot device to justify this kind of nonsense on a stealth level.  Thus we get movies like World War Z, where ironically enough, we can't tell if Brad Pitt is the zombie or the human.  

I think that this motif has become popular precisely because it appeals to people who know that they cannot possibly justify their incoherent and irrational fears in the real world.  Therefore, it becomes appealing to political and religious extremists who are increasingly out of touch with reality.  Naturally, religious extremists will not officially endorse the genre, but they can still support it on some level, because they believe in a version of apocalyptic thinking.  They simply adopt a different version of the apocalypse that is decidedly more low-tech and bloody. 

Likewise, the tea party and their assorted kooky, conspiratorial brethren are so out of touch with the real world that they cannot possibly justify their beliefs in the light of day.  But perhaps they can still escape to the fantasy of menace like "zombies" as a surrogate for "communists" or more generally the "liberal bogeyman" par excellence.  Their defeat in recent elections, and their more general loss of control in society seems to motivate them to fantasize about a world simple enough for them to understand and where every problem really can be solved just by pulling a trigger. In that world you really do need guns 24/7 bristling from every orifice.  

Of course this is not the real world.  It's so far from it that, even on a fictional level, this story line needs to be entombed again, perhaps to be resurrected again a few decades later by some other group that feels beseiged by the cruel realities of life.  

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hannah Montana aka Twerking Girl always had a stripper name anyway

Obviously a lot of people are slow on the uptake when it comes to Justin Beaver, I mean Hannah Montana, I mean Miley Gyrus, the hardest twerking girl in show business.  Even when Miley was hiding behind her corporate-crafted "Hannah Montana" brand, some of us weren't fooled by her faux innocence.  We knew that Montana and Dakota were the two most common names for strippers. If Miley were not the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus then she probably would be working in a strip club and her name would be Hannah "the Banana" Montana.  And she would probably have to do more than wear flesh-colored short-shorts to make a living.

Now I will be the first to admit that I found vile Miley's performance a bit disturbing, mainly because of her bizarre reptilian tongue and the silly little devil horn hairdo.  But it was a PERFORMANCE for an equally disturbing, ridiculously bad song by Robin Gaye, I mean Marvin Thicke, I mean Robin Thicke ripping off Marvin Gaye. Not that Marvin Gaye's musical compositions were any great masterpiece of subtlety either. Both men seem to have tapped into the same well-spring nympho-maniacal mediocrity.  

In any event Miley has been burnishing her skank credentials for some time, posing topless here, leaking pictures there, and generally spreading herself around more a tub of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter".  We can only imagine the "hot mess" that will assuredly follow, within the next year or two.  She even has the same manager as Brittany Spears.  I think I've seen this reality TV show before and I'm changing the channel.