Thursday, September 12, 2013

War Criminal Vladimir Putin Says US Not Exceptional, Shouldn't Attack Syria

A man like Vladimir Putin who conducted brutal and illegal wars in Chechnya and Georgia now wants us to believe that he stands for "international law".  A man who ordered the poisoning of his own former FSB agent with radioactive Polonium 210, and the person who almost certainly supplied chemical weapons to Syria in the first place, now wants us to believe that he cares about these weapons not being used on civilians.  According to Alexander Litvinenko, the man Putin had killed, the Russia Apartment Bombings were orchestrated to bring Putin back to power. Yet, now he tells us that attacking Syria could unleash more terrorism.

But what really isn't believable is that Putin invokes an alleged belief in God, yeah right, and says that's why we are all created equal, in response to "American Exceptionalism".  Of course, Obama didn't say that Americans were created better than anyone else, but that we are different because of the choices we make, like when we intervene to stop genocide in Libya, or chemical genocide in Syria.

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