Saturday, September 14, 2013

John McCain is America's Putin

Rage-aholic John McCain wants to write a column in Pravda dissing Putin.  I didn't know they accepted stick figure crayon drawings as columns.  Perhaps he will draw a picture of Sarah Palin watching Putin from her house in Alaska with an itchy trigger finger.  Boy, we really dodged a bullet when McCain/Palin lost by a landslide against Obama.  In many ways Putin and McCain have the same temperament.  Both are known to fly into rages and lash out at their opponents.  Both are tiny little blowhards who think they are far bigger and tougher than they really are.  Can we say Napoleon complex.  More like Napoleon Dynamite, but if the shoe fits.    Seriously though, what the hell is McCain doing writing to Putin.  If anyone should be writing anything it should be an actual world leader like Obama, not a washed up joke like John McCain.

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