Thursday, September 12, 2013

Putin Your Footin Your Mouth. Vlad makes Obama's Plan Sound Good Again.

Perhaps if Vladimir Putin spelled his name Puttin', as in "Puttin' your Foot in your mouth" then he would be appropriately named.  As it stands, Obama's proposed Syrian intervention was pretty unpopular, but leave it to a guy like Putin to change that with his latest missive about how Americans aren't exceptional and should just look the other way when chemical weapons are used to commit genocide.  The man truly puts the *offensive* in "charm offensive".

And have you ever seen someone so self-consciously in love with himself, BTW?  Given is rather marked lack of diplomatic tact, it seems more than a little inappropriate for him to have such a high opinion of himself. Maybe if the guy spend less time staring the in mirror and more time working on his character then we might believe he cared about anything other than himself.

Furthermore, if he truly cares about preventing further chemical weapons genocide then why did he furnish these to Syria in the first place?  Of course he denies this, but he denied that the attack happened in the first place, or that Assad was responsible.  Now, he suddenly has maps of all the Syrian chemical weapons depots and is volunteering to turn them over.  Gee, I wonder how he got such precise information.  Maybe he saved the delivery receipts from when he shipped them to Assad.

I have to re-iterate this, so that people are sure to get it.  The Russians denied that chemical weapons were being used at all.  But it turns out they knew that was a lie.  They knew there were tons of chemical weapons all over the place in Syria.  And they knew exactly where to find them.  How else would they have been able to pledge to turn them over so quickly?  And why truly believes that they will turn over the really good stuff that they probably have in reserve.  They need that for survival, so what are the chances that Assad will give away that last ace up his sleeve?  

Oh, and if the rebels are the ones who are using the chemical weapons it sure is curious that none of Assad's soldiers have been killed by them.  What a lucky coincidence.  Syrian civilians haven't been so lucky.

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