Monday, September 23, 2013

Mall Seige Continues. I hope Kenyan Army Kicks Somalian Rump

I can't believe that this military seige at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi is still going on.  It is great that some of the hostages have been rescued.
I hope that the Kenyan Army goes back into Somalia and kicks some major a$$ this time.  That is always the deal that should be made with arrogant terrorist extremists.  These Somalian scumbags claims they performed this attack in "revenge" for previous Kenyan military operations.  I would put them on notice that any action you take will be paid back 100 fold. You can't reason with them.  You can only demonstrate to them that they have no monopoly on the use of violence.  They are not the only people who can figure out how to pull a trigger or a grenade pin.  Perhaps next time they will at least know that the consequences of their actions will be disproportionately punitive against themselves and their backers.

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