Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mormon pedophile warren jeffs says world will end 12/31/12

False prophet, convicted pedophile, and barking mad religious lunatic Warren Jeffs, who still leads the Fundamentalist Mormon Church (FLDS) from behind bars, has laughably predicted that the world will end by tomorrow, 12/31/12.  This cultist psychopath revels in exercising mind control over his thousands of followers who dress like they are on the set of _Little House on the Prarie_, and believe in  "plural marriage".  In practice this translates to a bunch of fat, ugly, 50-year-old men using religion to bone a bunch of 13-year-old girls who are basically sex slaves.

Of course, his failed prediction will undermine his credibility, but that was bound to slip eventually, anyway.  In the mean time, this is just one more mind game to keep his followers in a state of permanent anxiousness and emotional chaos.  That makes them easier to manipulate, as I'm sure a life-long conman like Jeffs knows all too well, from constantly manipulating his gullible Mormon minions.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Canda, UK, Australian not dictatorships despite gun control

The NRA assures us that Barrack Obama is gonna "take your gun" and that this will be followed, almost instantaneously, by Nazi-style concentration camps and genocide. Of course, they already assured us that this would happen in Obama's first term.  Now they are absolutely certain that it will happen in the second term.  But there seems to be a problem with their theory in general.  If collecting guns leads directly to tyranny and concentration camps, then why hasn't this happened in Canada, the UK, or Australia.  They all have public health care systems (Obamacare/socialized medicine) as well, I might add.  However, we see no gas chambers or crematoriums.  In fact, Canada, the UK, and Australia, despite having gun control and public health care, which would be branded "communism" by Tea Party fanatics, actually have had "conservative" government of late.  But they haven't always had conservative governments, and they still have higher taxes, both in general, and on the wealthy than are found in the US...all without a dictatorship, or a modern-day holocaust, or cadres of gun-toting civilians to keep the government from being "oppressive".  So what gives?  Why is it that these countries are not dictatorships when the citizens are not armed to the teeth?

Subway murderess hated muslims and hindus

The woman who allegedly confessed to pushing a man in front of a subway train this past week, Erika Menendez, says that she did it because she hates "Hindus and Muslims ever since 2001 when they put down the twin towers".  Of course, if any Hindu had been involved in the 9-11 attacks, this is the first anyone has heard of it.  The person she murdered, Sunando Sen, was a Hindu, but Tea Party know-nothings have worked very hard to make sure many Americans think that anyone with brown skin is a "muslim".  They certainly worked hard to portray the man who beat them in the last presidential election was a "muslim, socialist, dictator,..." despite the fact that they don't understand what any of those "big words" actually mean.  So Mrs. Menendez, with her obvious lack of intelligence, poor education, bigotry, and religious intolerance would make a great addition to the Tea Party.  Perhaps they can run her when or if she ever gets out of prison.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

NRA wants Santa and Elves Armed

In response to recent gun violence, which the NRA insists has nothing to do with guns or their policies of making them more easily accessible, Wayne "Call me Crazy" LaPierre has now decided that the Christmas holiday season will never be safe until Santa and his elves starts carrying guns.  "The only thing that can stop a Grinch with a gun is Santa with a gun!" LaPierre declared.  As to why Santa has never needed a gun in the past, the NRA blamed violent video games, rap music, and especially President Obama, though he was at a loss to say exactly how gun violence was Obama's fault.  "Whenever anything bad happens," he assured reporters, "it's always Obama's fault."

Monday, December 24, 2012

NRA will now demand firefighters be armed

The latest news that 4 firefighters were shot and two killed in a trap set for them by a rifle-wielding psychopath will probably cause "call me crazy" John Wayne LaPierre to demand that all firefighters carry assault rifles strapped to their backs.  This is the quagmire that the NRA has created through the intentionally proliferation of guns into the hands of every lunatic in America.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pro-gun lobbyist headquarters in Newtown

Many people have not heard that the second most powerful pro-gun nut lobbying PAC in the country, The National Shooting Sports Foundation,  is located in Newtown, CT, just free miles from where the Sandy Hook massacre took place.  Now, if there were really a God then we would expect that all the children killed in that massacre would be the sons and daughters of people who work for the NSSF.  That would be divine karma, and it might be a lesson that could get through even their hard heads.  However, so far as we have heard, none of these gun-pushers had children who were killed by the unregulated gun trade policies and glaring loopholes that these people were instrumental in pressuring Congress to adopt.

On the NSSF website, the CEO, Patrick Rothwell, rehashes a lot of the same tired, straw-man arguments, that a gun can't be "good or bad" because it's not a person, blah, blah, blah.  Of course this idiotic argument ignores the fact that tools are created for specific purposes or "jobs".  You can tell me that you are buying a half-million dollar John Deere agricultural combine just to look at it, or to mow your backyard, but the purpose/job for which this tool was designed is to harvest hundreds or thousands of acres of crops.  Likewise, the purpose/job for which a high-capacity, rapid-firing rifle was built to to kill a lot of people quickly.  Now, clearly, we recognize the need for the job to get done of harvesting crops.  It's less clear that we want the average person equipped with a tool whose primary purpose is to kill a lot of people in a short amount of time.  So, perhaps they should be restricted to people who actually need these tools, like police and SWAT team members.  Of course, if you can demonstrate that you have a compelling need, as a fire arms instructor, body guard, etc, there should be a process where you can apply for a license anyway.  But why should be just let anyone who wants on buy one, especially through loopholes at "gun shows" where no background check of any kind is required, and person acquiring it might be mentally ill, for example?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dude Where's My Mayan Apocalypse

Oh well, another ridiculous Apocal-Oops has come and gone.  12/21/12 was as good a day as any, I suppose.  There have been all kinds of numerologically-plausible sounding end times, such as the year 1666 or 1999 or 06-06-06, or 10-10-10, or 12-12-12 or whatever.  As people with even a modicum of common sense have pointed out for a very long time (OK, that's just like me and six other people), the beginning of each century is fraught with all kinds of strange-looking dates with small numbers that look somehow significant.  But they aren't.  Doomsday prophecy necessarily has had a 100% failure rate, proving that none of these individuals have crystal balls or psychic/spiritual connections to anything approaching an intergalactic internet (as the Beastie Boys might call it).  Of course, the cottage industry of making up future dates continues harvest bumper crops of bumpkins and assorted idgits.  I'm sure that a few dozen new books are already in the works.  Too bad there can't be an end time for end-timers and their retarded predictions.

NRA vision of Armed waitresses, and gun turrets everywhere

Imagine walking into a restaurant and being greeted by a hostess wearing combat fatigues, with an M-16 strapped to her back.  Imagine the waitress taking your order with her trigger finger itching on her Glock.  This is the NRA vision of the armed hellhole that they want to this country into, all so they can continue the gravy train of billions in payola from gun manufacturers.  They inundated the country in guns and then say that the remedy is way more guns absolutely everywhere.

Imagine going to church now and the preacher laying his pistol down on the altar, in case he has to shoot his way out Dodge.  Yes, this is really what they would like to see things come too.

Instead of those camera domes in stores, perhaps they would like to see them turn into gun turrets, nervously trained on the customers.

Will all vehicles now need to be up-armored with 50-cals on the roof and side sponsons to lay down firepower while merging?

If it sounds absurd that's because it is  supposed to, for anyone who is sane, but it sounds perfectly reasonably if you're an NRA lunatic like Wayne La Pierre.  They took a whole week to formulate a plan that called for playgrounds being turned into paramilitary bootcamp/prisons.  If the kids aren't paying attention in class that day, they might not know the right code word to pass through the checkpoint and then they might have to get "ventilated" with automatic weapons fire, or at least waterboarded until they learn to pay attention to the passphrases during morning announcements.

Of course, we could get real here.  Too many guns are creating the problem, and most people don't need to carrying them on their person unless they have some compelling need, like a job as a body guard, not just waitressing at Village Inn.

Friday, December 21, 2012

NRA sez arm schools, theaters, restaurants, supermarkets...

In more of their trademarked absurdity impersonating serious, adult public policy-making the NRA said that the cure for gun violence is (BIG SURPRISE!) an a$$load more guards in schools.  They think that hundreds of thousands of schools now need to have round the clock armed guards.  Pre-schools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, trades schools, barber colleges, etc.  But we can't stop there.  What about theaters.  We need armed guards there.  And what about restaurants.  People get shot at McDonalds, and Denny's too, so I guess they need full-time armed guards.  Then there's churches.  They will need a bunch of armed guards patrolling the pews.  And what about supermarkets.  They usually just have a few burly high school students who played football, but now they will need to be slinging assault rifles.  How about libraries?  How about gyms?  There's really no end to where people will need armed guards carrying automatic rifles to protect them.  All from the terror that the NRA unleashed on them in the first place by making guns too easy for irresponsible people to get their hands on in the first place.  And they did it for the money that comes from the gun manufacturers, and the money from the irresponsible people who want guns kept easy to get, and the power that comes with leading an unofficial army of authoritarian dip$hits.

This is the protection racket treadmill that the NRA has devised.  Create the threat in the first place and then justify more armament to protect you from the first bunch.  Then you need protection from the second bunch and the third bunch, ad infinitum.

The general problem is their philosophy.  Even if 99% of people carrying weapons are sane and responsible (which if much higher that in reality) it only takes 1% or so to totally destablize things.  Remember that many of these people are already SUICIDAL.  Therefore the fact that they might get shot during their rampages is an unlikely deterrent.  They can easily kill a few dozen people who are caught off guard before they are stopped.

Philosophically, the problem is that the more people who you entrust with guns the more likely you are to get unlucky and have those guns and that security duty entrusted to someone who is a psychopath.  It's no secret that psychopaths are attracted to things like guns because it gives them the instant, unearned authority and power that they crave.  Why would a bully not be attracted to a gun?  It's a great way to bully and intimidate others who are less aggressive than they are.

Adam Lanza's killing spree only took minutes.  Even there had been an armed guard, there is a good chance that he wouldn't have responded until it was too late.  Cops are already armed, but they can't be everywhere at once.  Most of the time they are responding after the fact, when all they can do is mop up the mess.  

The NRA's crazy solution is to do more of the same and to make the mess even bigger.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mayan Apocalypse on my Day Off! Dang It!

Wouldn't you know that the first day I take off in the last two months falls right on the so-called "Mayan apocalypse" 12/21/12.  It better not cheat me out of a little rest and relaxation.  I was planning on getting my final x-mas shopping done.  It would be a real disaster if I don't have a gift for my mother-in-law.  Then the world probably will end on 12/25/12.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

If gun nuts are right, no gun restrictions are allowed

It's common sense to say that a five-year-old shouldn't bring a loaded machine gun to school.  But according to those who ignore the first part of the Second Amendment and just say, " (dot, dot, dot) the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed", five-year-olds should be allowed tote around loaded machine guns.  That's right.  The Second Amendment says nothing about the age at which a person can own a gun.  It says nothing about machine guns either.  The five-year-old should be able to take a bazooka to school too.  For that matter, the Constitution says nothing about stopping felons or the mentally ill from having guns.  According to a strict reading of the above quote, it would be unconstitutional to prevent mentally ill people or felons from having guns.

Of course, all that relies on you not seeing the "dot, dot, dot" part at the beginning of the quote, which is why I spelled it out.  The intentional use of ellipsis on this part is a trick that the NRA has been using for decades that more and more people have finally caught on to.  That first part says that gun ownership is permitted in the context of a "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state".  So, for those who think that the primary purpose of having a gun is protecting themselves against the government, no, this right, granted by the government, is intended to be regulated by the government.  If you plan to use your gun to overthrow the government then that is not covered by the 2nd Amendment.  Also contrary to conventional gun-nut rhetoric, you will note that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is not to provide for individual protection, but rather, it is explicitly to provide for protection of the state against those who would undermine it.  

As to the issue of 5-year-olds with machine guns, the state can regulate that precisely because no well-regulated militia would want or need infants carrying firearms.  Likewise, none of them want the mentally ill to  be toting around massive fire power.  Congress has the power and the responsibility to regulate fire arms, and lets hope that they finally do their job adequately, and intelligently this time.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Adam Lanzas massacre tame compared to Bible

Mike Huckabee doesn't think that Bushmaster assault rifles, or rapid-firing, high-capacity pistols like Glocks and Sig Saeurs had anything to do with the massacre of several dozen people at Sandy Hook Elementary this last Friday.  So what was the catalyst for it, in Huckabee's narrow, religiously-fanatic mind?  Why he thinks it's just that kids haven't had enough compulsory prayer and religious indoctrination beaten into them by the school system.

But actually, if Huckabee bother to read his Bible, instead of just beat on it, he would discover that there are plenty of massacres described in the Bible.  Moses and Joshua routinely slaughtered men, women, children, and even livestock ( Joshua 6:21, 8:26, 10-28-40; Numbers 31:16-18; 1 Samuel 15:3).  King Saul was ordered to commit massacres (1 Samuel 15:2-3) and when he wasn't sufficiently bloody, he was replaced by King David who was just a boy, probably about the age of Adam Lanza.   David was more than willing to kill in the name of his God (1 Chronicles 20:3, 2 Samuel 12:31).  Many other "heros" of the Bible including Samson, Gideon, Jehu, and on and on, were all too happy to commit mass slaughters.

So maybe it's a good thing that Huckabee's Bible God has been taken out of schools, before he inspires even more killing.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Huckabee says Sandy Hook Massacre "NO SURPRISE"

The brain-dead Fox News commentator Mike Huckabee got his crazy on this Saturday when he claimed it was "NO SURPRISE" that a massacre took place at Sandy Hook Elementary" because prayer was no longer compulsory in public schools.  I SEE.  So if it was really NO SURPRISE then Huckabee should have alerted authorities ahead of time to be ready for the gunman.  Huckabee later tried to backpedal on this moronic talking point, of course, claiming that he didn't really think there was a "cause an effect" relationship.  In other words, he's a lying sack of $hit who doesn't know what the F*CK he's talking about about.  There's really no other way to put it charitably.

See, this is just a standard right-wing talking point every time people state the obvious fact that assault rifles that can spray 100 rounds in half a minute make massacres a wee bit too easy.  The NRA solution is either doing nothing, and/or advocating that everyone from the kindergartners on up starting to pack heat ... because what could possibly go wrong with a brilliant plan like that...except everything?

Why not regulate that the militias that represent the gun owners in the US on at least basic things, like whether they need virtually machine guns to "hunt" or "defend themselves".  

Huckabee Blames No School Prayer for CT Massacre

It's getting harder and harder to be a moron these days, by Mike Huckabee made sure to spout the same tired, Republican line that school shootings are not because of mentally unstable people with access to assault rifles -- oh no!  The only reason that there are school massacres is because schools no longer force students to say a Hail Mary and an Our Father every morning.

Of course, now, even Huckabee is trying to walk back this moron mantra that has been used since Columbine, with less and less credibility.  The idea that guns have nothing to do with school shootings is a tough sell to begin with.  When you can fire 100 rounds in less than the time that it took the founding fathers to load a musket, guns have got to be part of the problem.  No they are not the entire problem, but they are an enabler.  One would be hard-pressed to find another way to kill several dozen people so easily.  Perhaps one could make a bomb, but that would require some thinking, whereas these are off the shelf.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jindal Pretends Abstinence Only GOP is Pro-contraception

Bobby Jindal lives in a land of bizarre denialism, advocating contraception in the party that invented the idiocy of Abstinence Only.  Democrats have finally gained the upperhand on the issue of reproductive rights, perhaps because the pro-longed recession has made it impossible for people to ignore the financial realities of failing to use contraception when they cannot afford to support more kids.  However, in Jindal's mind, he can't comprehend the religious fanaticism that has lead his party into its current state of misogyny and compulsory pregnancy policies.
That's right, when you try everything to prevent access to contraception and abortion (which is the ultimate form of "birth control") then you become the party of compulsory pregnancy.
Furthermore, when you have a philosophy that contraception is a *BAD* thing and that we should ONLY abstain from sex then you also become the anti-sex party.  What's unsexier than that, besides Bobby Jindal himself, perhaps?
So I am glad that Jindal is finally OK with contraception being sold over the counter, but that hardly means the rest of the religious fanatics in the GOP will accept it.  They are still through the looking glass in Abstinence Wonderland.
Of course, the same "logic" that allows them to advocate abstinence would also tell them that we should not wear seat belts or bullet proof vests.  After all, these devices are not 100% reliable.  The only 100% reliable thing is not getting in a car wreck or being shot respectively.  I have already discussed the bulletproof vest analogy here.  The seat belt analogy is more interesting, because driving is a far more common, but high risk activity.  Almost everyone accepts that we should "use protection" of some sort, while driving.  The fact that we use this "protection" while driving, however, does not make us more promiscuous about slamming into other random drivers.  We still tend to be careful.  The seat belt just makes it less likely that we will be killed.  So when Mr. Jindal starts explaining this to his own party then we might know he is serious about creating a change there.  Until then, he is just flapping his gums about issues beyond his understanding.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Mass Killing in Connecticut

It is being reported that 27+ people, including possibly 10 children are dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.  I am not against guns.  I own several.  But the huge unanswered problem we have in our society is how to prevent guns from being used by crazy people.  The gun fanatic answer is "everyone should be armed to the teeth".  That's right, their solution to preventing elementary school shootings would be for the kids on the playground to be packing, as well as the teachers, and well ... everyone.  Of course it is much easier to see the idi0cy of the position when we think about elementary schoolers carrying guns, but even if we excluded them for the obvious reason of DUH, there would still be a problem with everyone else packing.  The problem is that having 20 or 30 times more people carrying increases the odds that some of these people will be mentally unstable.
Of course the fantasy of gun nuts is that they will alway beat the other guy to the draw.  But, it is often harder than people think to tell a "crazy" person from a sane one, most of the time, except when they start acting crazy.  That's because, most of the time, these "crazy" people act perfectly normal.  Contrary to myths, most of these people are not crazy 24/7.  They just have episodes.  One second they are perfectly fine, and the next minute they are shooting people.
Now the big solution of gun loonies is that, if the crazy person starts shooting, that they will shoot the other person.  However, note that this solution does not prevent people from being killed in the first place.  Furthermore, many of these crazy people often commit suicide anyway, often fairly rapidly after their actions.  Theoretically, having a bunch of other people around them who can shoot back might limit the amount of damage these people can do, but in practice it hasn't seemed to work well so far, and most of these shooters aren't that effective anyway.  Also, as we noted, it is bought at the expense of potentially encouraging far greater quantities of crazy, irresponsible, or just plain dumb people to carry weapons all the time.  Anyone who thinks that will result in *less* shootings, as opposed to *way more* probably needs a head exam anyway.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oregon Mall Shooter Almost Takes Out Santa

There's yet another gun nut with an assault rifle, who shot up a mall in Clackamas, outside of Portland, Oregon.  Even the mall Santa had to run for his life.  Yet somehow the culture that fuels gun violence and presents it as the simple-minded solution to every problem always marches on to the next slaughter, making excuse after excuse to allow it to continue.  The favorite one is that, "if only everyone had a gun then...."  If that were the case then people would be getting shot over everything, all the time.  And one can only imagine the "circular firing squad" scene that it would produce.  As usual with all things gun-related, the simple-minds who love them never consider the the next move or the next three moves away on the chess board.  They are always focused on their supposed "checkmate in one move" solution which is "fire my gun", but beyond that, consideration of all the consequences seems utterly beyond them.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12-12-12 like 6-6-6 with double the hype

People often point out that dates like 12-12-12 only come around once in a century and is "once in a lifetime". Of course EVERY fricken calendar date is likely going to be once in a lifetime, given that life expectancy is less than 100 years.  There is nothing particularly remarkable about these inevitable dates that happen every century.
A huge amount of hub-bub was made about 6-6-6, a few years back, especially due to ignorant Christian fundamentalists believing that it has some relation to the end of the world.  In reality 6-6-6 is not even an accurate transcription of Revelation 13:17-18, because the oldest sources render it as 616 and nobody thought that June 1st, 2006 was a particularly big deal either.
Thus, while people are trying feverishly to imbue 12-12-12 with special significance, I want to go on record as saying that, in all likelihood, nothing remarkable will happen then, and, if something coincidentally does happen of importance then people will twist all kinds of facts and invent previously unknown quatrains of Nostradumbass, or some other false prophet,  in an attempt claim that they knew it all along.  Naturally, they only "knew it all along" after the even occurred, which is worthless, as far a prophecies go.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rubio Finally Figured Out How Old Earth Is

Last month right-wing extremist Marco Rubio made headlines by pretending that he "wasn't sure" how old the Earth was, as a sop to know-nothing Creationists and other religious extremists who make up his political base.  Now, after widespread mockery, Rubio has apparently decided that it wasn't so hard after all, and that he doesn't need a time machine to travel back and verify that the Earth is around 4.5 billion years old.  Most people were reconciled with this information in a Middle School Earth Science class, but apparently, it has taken Rubio all this time to figure out basic results of science.  Naturally, however, he has decided that this new information cannot possibly conflict with Roman Catholicism.  What a surprise.  The Earth has been around for billions of years, while the church has only been around for less than two millennia, but apparently all those billions of years were just wasted until Jesus came along and founded his fortune cookie religion. Jesus even makes reference to the days of Noah, but this doesn't bother Rubio, because fortune cookies can always be read in very vague ways, especially if one squints.