Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jindal Pretends Abstinence Only GOP is Pro-contraception

Bobby Jindal lives in a land of bizarre denialism, advocating contraception in the party that invented the idiocy of Abstinence Only.  Democrats have finally gained the upperhand on the issue of reproductive rights, perhaps because the pro-longed recession has made it impossible for people to ignore the financial realities of failing to use contraception when they cannot afford to support more kids.  However, in Jindal's mind, he can't comprehend the religious fanaticism that has lead his party into its current state of misogyny and compulsory pregnancy policies.
That's right, when you try everything to prevent access to contraception and abortion (which is the ultimate form of "birth control") then you become the party of compulsory pregnancy.
Furthermore, when you have a philosophy that contraception is a *BAD* thing and that we should ONLY abstain from sex then you also become the anti-sex party.  What's unsexier than that, besides Bobby Jindal himself, perhaps?
So I am glad that Jindal is finally OK with contraception being sold over the counter, but that hardly means the rest of the religious fanatics in the GOP will accept it.  They are still through the looking glass in Abstinence Wonderland.
Of course, the same "logic" that allows them to advocate abstinence would also tell them that we should not wear seat belts or bullet proof vests.  After all, these devices are not 100% reliable.  The only 100% reliable thing is not getting in a car wreck or being shot respectively.  I have already discussed the bulletproof vest analogy here.  The seat belt analogy is more interesting, because driving is a far more common, but high risk activity.  Almost everyone accepts that we should "use protection" of some sort, while driving.  The fact that we use this "protection" while driving, however, does not make us more promiscuous about slamming into other random drivers.  We still tend to be careful.  The seat belt just makes it less likely that we will be killed.  So when Mr. Jindal starts explaining this to his own party then we might know he is serious about creating a change there.  Until then, he is just flapping his gums about issues beyond his understanding.

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