Saturday, December 22, 2012

NRA vision of Armed waitresses, and gun turrets everywhere

Imagine walking into a restaurant and being greeted by a hostess wearing combat fatigues, with an M-16 strapped to her back.  Imagine the waitress taking your order with her trigger finger itching on her Glock.  This is the NRA vision of the armed hellhole that they want to this country into, all so they can continue the gravy train of billions in payola from gun manufacturers.  They inundated the country in guns and then say that the remedy is way more guns absolutely everywhere.

Imagine going to church now and the preacher laying his pistol down on the altar, in case he has to shoot his way out Dodge.  Yes, this is really what they would like to see things come too.

Instead of those camera domes in stores, perhaps they would like to see them turn into gun turrets, nervously trained on the customers.

Will all vehicles now need to be up-armored with 50-cals on the roof and side sponsons to lay down firepower while merging?

If it sounds absurd that's because it is  supposed to, for anyone who is sane, but it sounds perfectly reasonably if you're an NRA lunatic like Wayne La Pierre.  They took a whole week to formulate a plan that called for playgrounds being turned into paramilitary bootcamp/prisons.  If the kids aren't paying attention in class that day, they might not know the right code word to pass through the checkpoint and then they might have to get "ventilated" with automatic weapons fire, or at least waterboarded until they learn to pay attention to the passphrases during morning announcements.

Of course, we could get real here.  Too many guns are creating the problem, and most people don't need to carrying them on their person unless they have some compelling need, like a job as a body guard, not just waitressing at Village Inn.

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