Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mormon pedophile warren jeffs says world will end 12/31/12

False prophet, convicted pedophile, and barking mad religious lunatic Warren Jeffs, who still leads the Fundamentalist Mormon Church (FLDS) from behind bars, has laughably predicted that the world will end by tomorrow, 12/31/12.  This cultist psychopath revels in exercising mind control over his thousands of followers who dress like they are on the set of _Little House on the Prarie_, and believe in  "plural marriage".  In practice this translates to a bunch of fat, ugly, 50-year-old men using religion to bone a bunch of 13-year-old girls who are basically sex slaves.

Of course, his failed prediction will undermine his credibility, but that was bound to slip eventually, anyway.  In the mean time, this is just one more mind game to keep his followers in a state of permanent anxiousness and emotional chaos.  That makes them easier to manipulate, as I'm sure a life-long conman like Jeffs knows all too well, from constantly manipulating his gullible Mormon minions.

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