Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oregon Mall Shooter Almost Takes Out Santa

There's yet another gun nut with an assault rifle, who shot up a mall in Clackamas, outside of Portland, Oregon.  Even the mall Santa had to run for his life.  Yet somehow the culture that fuels gun violence and presents it as the simple-minded solution to every problem always marches on to the next slaughter, making excuse after excuse to allow it to continue.  The favorite one is that, "if only everyone had a gun then...."  If that were the case then people would be getting shot over everything, all the time.  And one can only imagine the "circular firing squad" scene that it would produce.  As usual with all things gun-related, the simple-minds who love them never consider the the next move or the next three moves away on the chess board.  They are always focused on their supposed "checkmate in one move" solution which is "fire my gun", but beyond that, consideration of all the consequences seems utterly beyond them.

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