Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dude Where's My Mayan Apocalypse

Oh well, another ridiculous Apocal-Oops has come and gone.  12/21/12 was as good a day as any, I suppose.  There have been all kinds of numerologically-plausible sounding end times, such as the year 1666 or 1999 or 06-06-06, or 10-10-10, or 12-12-12 or whatever.  As people with even a modicum of common sense have pointed out for a very long time (OK, that's just like me and six other people), the beginning of each century is fraught with all kinds of strange-looking dates with small numbers that look somehow significant.  But they aren't.  Doomsday prophecy necessarily has had a 100% failure rate, proving that none of these individuals have crystal balls or psychic/spiritual connections to anything approaching an intergalactic internet (as the Beastie Boys might call it).  Of course, the cottage industry of making up future dates continues harvest bumper crops of bumpkins and assorted idgits.  I'm sure that a few dozen new books are already in the works.  Too bad there can't be an end time for end-timers and their retarded predictions.

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