Monday, December 17, 2012

Huckabee Blames No School Prayer for CT Massacre

It's getting harder and harder to be a moron these days, by Mike Huckabee made sure to spout the same tired, Republican line that school shootings are not because of mentally unstable people with access to assault rifles -- oh no!  The only reason that there are school massacres is because schools no longer force students to say a Hail Mary and an Our Father every morning.

Of course, now, even Huckabee is trying to walk back this moron mantra that has been used since Columbine, with less and less credibility.  The idea that guns have nothing to do with school shootings is a tough sell to begin with.  When you can fire 100 rounds in less than the time that it took the founding fathers to load a musket, guns have got to be part of the problem.  No they are not the entire problem, but they are an enabler.  One would be hard-pressed to find another way to kill several dozen people so easily.  Perhaps one could make a bomb, but that would require some thinking, whereas these are off the shelf.

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