Monday, September 3, 2012

Without a change in congress things wont be different

At the flopped Republican convention that produced zero bounce in the polls for Mitt Romney, one of the questions was "If there is no change in leadership, why should the next four years be any different than the last?"  Indeed we do need a change in leadership ... of the Do Nothing Republican Congress who has intentionally sabotaged the economy for the past four years, and obstructed hundreds of Bills.  A huge step in this direction would be to remove Paul Ryan from Congress, since he has been one of the most partisan of obstructionists, vying to cut trillions from social security, medicare, and every other government program that makes the US a liveable, modern nation.  If Obama had a democratic house to go along with the democratic senate, then he would have gotten a stimulus large enough to make the economy grow more robustly.  Instead Republicans wanted zero stimulus, and then said the small stimulus was too large, and finally carped that the stimulus didn't work fast enough, even as they obstructed it and got republican governors to refuse to accept money from it to put people back to work.  Yes, we need a change from our current republican leadership in the House of Reps and in governorships that tried to sabotage our economy.  Then we can expect more positive results.

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