Saturday, September 15, 2012

Romney Would Sell Islamic Protesters Flags to Burn

Tax cheat Mitt Romney and his marathon of lies running mate Paul Ryan like to talk tough about Islamic protesters, but the only thing they would do differently than Obama is that they would secretly sell the protesters flags to burn.  If you have no patriotism, like Caymen-island Mitt, and will compromise any and all of you principles, which Romney and Ryan have proven they do again and again, switching sides on pretty much any issue, then selling flags to protesters would be a pretty brisk business.  You sell them, they burn them, and repeat.
After all, Romney invested in Stericycle which makes equipment to dispose of aborted fetuses.  Romney claimed he was "pro-life" at the time, but that didn't stop him from wanting to cash in on abortions.  He often claims that he "personally" disagreed with how the companies he invested in made their "dirty" money, but that didn't stop him from investing millions of dollars in those companies because hey, money is thicker than morals when you're a vulture capitalist, corporate raider, who would sell his own mother for $5 + stock options.  So why would he hesitate about something like this?  I bet he already has print-on-demand flag kiosks being installed in every major capital in the Arab world.  Perhaps next he will have vending machines with rocks and molotov cocktails that protesters can hurl at our embassies.

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