Friday, September 14, 2012

Stop Hiding Behind Islam, You Murderous Cowards

Muslim rioters are 100% unjustified in their anti-American attacks, and they cannot hide behind Islam as any kind of  justification for their cowardly behavior.  America had absolutely nothing to do with some ridiculous film about Mohammed and, even if it had been produced by Obama himself, saying something mean about someone else's religion is never sufficient, in the civilized world to justify murder.  Only savages and the mentally-challenged believe that the exercise of free speech justifies murder.  Of course, these theocrats don't believe in free speech or any kind of freedom for anyone to disagree with them.

They are school yard bullies who do this only riot in places where they know they are the overwhelming majority, like Egypt or Libya, and therefore they do not fear retribution.  Even so, in principal, they deserve to be shot like the murderous thugs and violent lawbreakers that they are.  I think that the US Secret Service should develop some more extensive and serious assets so that, when these periodic riots break out, as they seem to every year or so in the Muslim world, that we exact some payback against the perpetrators. 

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