Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sioux City SUX liars didnt build FAA airport

Republican morons have been adamant about misrepresenting what Obama said about businesses not building the public infrastructure on which their businesses rely.  For example, they did not build all the post offices on which many of their businesses rely to send and receive goods and services.  They did not build the school houses in which they were educated at public expense, in order to be able to scrawl propaganda on a sign that shows their ignorance of civics, and their arrogant ingratitude to those who fought and died to build this nation for them.  They certainly did not build the hospital in which they were born.  In a like way, they did not build the FAA registered airport at Sioux City, nor did they build all the roads and utilities around it and throughout the city that lead up to the airport and support it.  They are simply liars, then when they say, "Obama...SUX.  We did build this."  No, you f*cking liar, you most certainly did not.  At best you built a small part of a large system, and you wouldn't have been capable of building any of it 100% on your own, with no help from the country that raised and protected you.  Every business that Romney has tried to use as an example to say, "We built our business entirely on our own" so far has turned out, on closer inspection, to have gotten huge amounts of money from the government in terms of loans, government contracts, and tax breaks.

These people want to claim 100% credit for everything good in their lives, and paradoxically, every misfortune is attributed to Obama.  You can't have it both ways.  Either you really are 100% self-made, which is doubtful, in which case it wouldn't matter who the president is or what he does, or you are not self-made in which case you need to stop lying and saying that you built 100% of your own success.

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