Friday, September 14, 2012

Muslim Bigots Way Worse than Tea Party Fanatics

We have stup1d, xenophobic big0ts in the US too.  Usually those people call themselves things like Tea Partiers, or Republicans, or rednecks.  But, even the craziest of our right-wing political extremists are not burning down the Saudi Embassy right now or breaking the windows at Middle Eastern restaurants all across the country.  This is proof that the brainless muslim scumbags who are burning and attacking American embassies around the world are clearly way more despicable and more cowardly than US fanatic christians, and other ultra-nationalists.  I say that these Muslims are completely and utter cowards, because they would not dare do this in places where they were not in the extreme majority.  They only believe they can get away with it because they expect that the police in their country will be lax in enforcing the laws and because they believe that the US and its allies will be diplomatic and conciliatory, in an effort to end the riots.  It's often the only option that we realistically have in places like Libya or Egypt, etc. 

However, I would love it if leaders like Obama would call this hateful anti-Americanism what it is and to say something like, "This controversy is 100% without merit , the rioters are 100% unjustified, and they cannot hide behind Islam to excuse their lawbreaking and unmitigated malice toward America and the West".  If Mitt Romney would even say that, it would be one thing I could possibly respect about the man. 

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