Thursday, September 13, 2012

Anti-islam film as big a fraud as islamic radicals

It's always amazing how Islamic m0r*ns run out and murder people to prove how "peace-loving" and reasonable their religion is.  In doing so, they continue to discredit and embarrass their religion worse than any poorly-produced, youtube film like "Innocence of Islam" could ever do.  It's also blatantly obvious that these militants hunt for any flimsy excuse to attack Americans, despite the fact that the US had absolutely, positively nothing to do with this ridiculous film.  Yes, it was shot in the US, under false pretenses, by a non-American, originally calling himself Sam Bacile.  However, blaming the US for that makes as much sense as blaming the nation of Italy when your pasta gets undercooked.  As I have noted, the actors in the film indicate that they did not know the content of the film they were producing and words are dubbed over their performances that the actors themselves never uttered.  The man who called himself Sam Bacile now appears to be a Coptic Christian named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who among other things, was convicted of bank fraud in the US.

So clearly the guy making the film is a fraud, but so are the millions of mor*nic marching muslims who are grasping at any straw to use the film as an excuse to attack people that they know had nothing to do with this trumped up nonsense.

It is noteworthy that only Islam believes that it can constantly get away with such behavior in the modern world.  Surely Muslims publish anti-christian and anti-jewish propaganda all the time, but Christians don't run down to the Saudi embassy  in Washington, DC and shoot RPGs through their windows or murder their diplomats.  That's too bad, in one sense, because maybe if Christians or Jews did start bombing Muslim embassies then the muslim world would be put on notice that we were not going to put up with their stupid bull$hit anymore.

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