Sunday, August 26, 2012

Romney declares defeat on trying to blame obama for economy

It's pretty hilarious, but Mitt Romney has spent months, and tens of millions of dollars trying to sell the lie that all woes in the present economy are the fault of Barrack Obama.  Unfortunately, he still trails in the polls, indicating that voter's just aren't buying his message.  They don't believe it's all Obama's fault, because at least Obama has tried to do something, whereas the Republican answer, if you can even call it that, is to do nothing and/or obstruct everything.  Doing nothing and blocking any meaningful progress on anything for the past four years has arguably created more economic devastation than any specific program Mr. Obama could possibly implement, no matter how poorly conceived such a program might be.
In any event, apparently Team Romney has offically called it quits on this strategy of trying to hammer on the economy, since it is has proven to be such a non-starter for their campaign.  Of course, in classic Romney fashion, after admitting that this strategy is "not sufficient to propel Mr. Romney to victory", they  say that they will still talk about it, but that it just won't be their primary focus.  In other words, they really don't know what the eff they will do, but one see their move toward fringe birtherism and other kooky culture war issues as  a sign of things to come.  It also telegraphs  their utter desperation to generate any kind of message that people can take seriously.

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