Sunday, August 26, 2012

If you vote romney what does that even mean

It's clear to everyone, including most Republicans, that Romney changes his position every five minutes.  It doesn't matter if it's something like a ban on abortions for women who are raped, which is in the 2012 republican platform, and was even in legislation co-sponsored by his running mate, Paul Ryan.   It doesn't matter to him that the Mormon church and the Catholic church are both opposed to abortion under pretty much any circumstance.  Romney just declares that it's totally fine with him.  In fact, when he ran against Ted Kennedy, Romney said that he was "pro-choice', but then he lost  and ran for governor of Massachuttes and decided that he was not pro-choice any more, even though he said that his mother had convinced him to be pro-choice in the first place.
The point is  that there is nothing about Mitt Romney that isn't up for compromise.  If he tthought that dying his hair green and sporting a fauxhawk would get him one extra vote, you would see him doing that tomorrow.  So my question is what would a supporter of Mitt Romney expect to be getting when they vote for him?    The moment that Romney encounters flack on pretty much  any position he compromises it.  This is often something that "liberals" are accused of, but it seems pretty clear that, at least Obama has waffled less.  He promised to pass legislation on health care and he did it.  But, given how Mitt changes his mind on everything, how can people take any of his promises seriously?

Now, I know that most people who will end up voting for Mitt are simply Obama haters.  They don't like Mitt, but they are just casting a  hater ballot for "anybody but Obama".  Still, they may want to to think about that strategy, because, as I have argued in previous posts, Romnney and/or Ryan could very  well be the Antichrist foretold in the Book of Revelation.  I wonder how they will defend themselves from God's judgment when they have to explain why they voted for the Antichrist, simply because they are fearful haters and racist crackpots that don't like black people.

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