Thursday, August 2, 2012

Reid sez Romney a Gutless Coward and a Tax Cheat

It's really sad seeing candya$$ Mormon-boy Mitt implode these days.  Romney apparently thought he was being quite the "macho" dude, telling Harry Reid to "put up or shut up" on the issue of .... Mitt Romney's unreleased tax returns.

I believe the canonical reply is "Why don't you MAKE me, you little B1TCH!".  After all, Romney has inflicted this wound UPON HIMSELF by not releasing HIS TAXES, and, if he has nothing to hide, all he has to do is MAN UP and slap them tax returns on the table.  You gonna pull them pistols or whistle dixie?  Mitt, of course is a yankee, and has never been in a real fight in his life, so it's not surprising that he's confused.  Mitt apparently has mistake trying to have a pissing contest with a silly slap fight.

So, since Romney has no clue how the maning up process works, I'll enlighten him.  Mitty-boy hid behind his mother's skirt and refused to release his taxes.  Reid effectively said, "You're a nutless mama's-boy for hiding, Mitt....and BTW, your mother's a whore too".  The correct response is NOT, "Oh YEAH!?  You PROVE she's a whore".

See, because Reid's next response is "Or else WHAT, M*otherf*cker?!".  That's how this Sh1t works.  Seriously, what is Mitt going to do about it?  Will he SUE Reid?  If he did then presumably he would have to produce his TAX RETURNS in court to prove his case.  But that's precisely what Mitt lacks the cojones to do in the first place.

The fact is that Mitt CAN'T DO Sh1t and everybody, including Mitt, knows it.  He won't release his taxes, and Reid is under no obligation to stop calling him a coward, or the son of a whore, until he does.

Now I KNOW some of you are just dying to drool like a fool the "innocent until proven guilty" line in reply.  This isn't a court of law, mittHeads.  Mitt's too cowardly for that, for the reason we have already noted -- he would have to produce his taxes.  Because Mitt tried to be macho about it, he is now bound by Man rules to defend his honor.  Reid already slapped Mitt in the face.  Mitt cannot win any extra man points by demanding that Reid do it again, but harder this time.  So, unless Mitt has a picture of Reid screwing a hooker, then Mitt is the one that's screwed here.

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