Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Self-deport Before Romney Sends Your Job To Mexico

Perhaps Mitt Romney's otherwise laughable call for illegal immigrants to "self-deport" is not really as bad an idea as it sounds, in the increasingly unlikely chance that Romney is elected.  Now hear me out on this people.  You see, Mitt made his fortune by firing American workers and sending their jobs overseas to China, India, and Mexico.  Therefore, it stands to reason that, if Romney is elected, that you will lose your job and it will be sent overseas.  However, if you self-deport now, you will be one step ahead of the game, because you will already be there when Romney creates jobs in Mexico to replace all the ones he is attempting to destroy in this country.  But you will already be there, ready to scoop your exportted  job right back up.

Take, for example, Mitt's insistence that Detroit automakers should not have been bailed out and should have been forced to go broke.  That was because he wanted millions of American auto industry jobs to be lost here so he could profit by sending them to Mexico.  Naturall, those jobs will only pay a tiny fraction of what they pay here.  But hey, the cost of living is far more affordable there, and the women are "muy bonita".  That means "real purdy", gringo, so what you waitin' fur...get packing...Andale.

Oh wait, Mitt is polling about 5% points behind Obama in most of the crucial swing states, as of now, so, fortunately, he is on the fast track to losing the  election.  So it looks like the middle class can keep their jobs for another 4 years, until the billionaires field a better presidential candidate.

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