Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan Happy As Wet Rodent on Titanic

I the only one who notices that Paul (Eddie Munster) Ryan looks about as happy as a wet rodent on the deck of Titanic .  I guess nobody else wanted to be on Romney's losing ticket.  Anyway, Captain Glum-bum is even bringing me down.  What a truly uninspiring choice.  

After all, we all know that Ryan was a desperation pick, or should we say a pity poke, meant to appease the fat, angry girlfriend know as the Tea Party extremists. Of course, like all fat, angry girlfriends, one little poke ain't gonna make 'em happy anyway, especially with the substandard equipment Romney is packing.  Case in point, Romney picks Ryan and then backs away from supporting Ryan's budget. WTF?  He's your VP.  If you die then he becomes President.  Then he would certainly implement the very budget that Romney now says he doesn't want to stand behind.  If you didn't like his budget then why did you pick him.  My theory is that Romney picked him solely based on the hair.  

Now the ticket is basically the Hair Club For Men ticket.  

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