Saturday, August 25, 2012

muslim neil armstrong murdered by obama

No, Neil Armstrong was not murdered by Obama, nor was Armstrong a Muslim, but given all the ridiculous stories making the rounds in a matter of minutes these days, how long will it take someone to invent such a conspiracy.  After all,  in real life a variety of myths were invented about the somewhat reclusive and media shy Neil Armstrong.  The most popular myth, mainly popularized in the Arab world, was tht Neil Armstrong converted to Islam because he hear the azaan (muslim call to prayer) when he was walking on the Moon.  Other variants say that he converted because he pointed a geiger counter toward Mecca, when he was in space, and discovered strong "radioactivity" coming from it.  Still other versions say that Armstrong converted to Islam because, as he was flying around the Moon, he noticed a large crack in it that corresponds to a Koranic story about Mohammed causing the Moon to split in two.  The reality, of course, was that Armstrong never converted.  However, because he shunned the media limelight it was easy to make up all manner of stories about him.

Now, of course, back to the Obama conspiracists, perhaps they will say that Obama had Armstrong killed off because Obama used to attend the same mosque as Armstrong.  Perhaps he had pictures of the President down on his hands and knees "biting the carpet" as some call it wwhen Muslims pray.


  1. This is just stupid. He was obviously killed because Jesus was going to come clean about the faked moon landing

  2. No way man. Genesis 1:16 clearly describes the moon as a "lesser light to rule the night", so ergo Armstrong was sent there to change the lightbulb and/or the batteries.