Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Antichrist Paul Ryan is AntiChristian in his values

The Antichrist is the antithesis of Jesus Christ, and there could not be people who are more anti-christian than those who worship at the clay feet of false prophets like Ayn Rand, the apostle of selfishness.  Of course Paul Ryan (aka Damien from the Omen movies) claims to be a Christian outwardly.  He claims that is is a staunch Catholic.  However, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops disagrees that he practices the Catholicism that he pretends to preach.  They noted that Ryan's proposed budget would "hurt hungry children, poor families, low income workers and other vulnerable people", and they therefore conclude that Ryan's proposals "fails to meet these moral criteria".  Well, surprise, surprise.  Of course they don't meet moral criteria, because morality is just a convenient tool for sociopaths like Ryan, who use it manipulate others, but ultimately are just mouthing platitudes so that they can do as they please when nobody is looking. Unfortunately for Paul (Eddie Munster) Ryan, we are looking, and we can see that 666 on your forehead, covered by that little V-shaped divot of hair that you conveniently use to try to hide it.

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