Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney Taps Eddie Munster As Running Mate

Seriously, Ryan is one freaky looking, Adams Family kind of creepy dude.  Can anyone not look at him and avoid thinking of a grownup version of Eddie Munster or some other Brahm Stoker tale of horror?  And is there some reason that he is always furrowing his brow?  Is it a nervous tick or does he really want wrinkles at 42?  I know that as a half-vampire, he probably is still sensitive to sunlight and walking in the daytime, and all.

As to substance, it appears that all Ryan can bring to Romney are the asinine and endless tirades about all things "big government".  You don't save water when your house is on fire, and you don't all of a sudden re-discover fiscal sanity after the several decade long spending binges of Reagan and the Bushes.  I remember when right-wingers used to proudly argue that "Ronald Reagan spent the Soviet Union into bankruptcy".  In other words, even they used to admit that they ran up the deficit with insane abandon and just didn't give a F*CK.  Now, they try to pretend that they never did that.

After the recession that right-wing deregulation of banks and markets, the only thing that reversed it was government spending, and it is clear now that Obama's stimulus was too small, since it just barely got us out of the recession they created.  Ryan style spending cuts would guarantee the collapse of the American Economy, usher in a second Great Depression, and probably take down the Global Economy with it.

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