Saturday, August 11, 2012

Why is Paul Ryan's Hair So Neat if Vampires Have No Reflection

It's been a mystery that comedian philosophers have pondered for some time.  Now that the first vampire-American has been chosen as a vice-presidential candidate, however, we must revisit the issue.  Of course I am talking about Eddie Munster (aka Paul Ryan), who has been recently pulled from his coffin during daylight hours, and made to be Mitt's running mate.

But, back to the question of vampires and their hair, I suppose there are a few possible solutions.  Perhaps they have a team of ghoul hairstylists comb and coif their fancy hairdos.  Maybe they comb it without the aid of a mirror, but how would they handle flyaway hairs?  Do they employ a team of bats to swoop down and put errant hairs back into place.  Perhaps Ryan can finally reveal the answers to all these nagging questions.

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