Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney Just Lost Election Picking Ryan as VP Running Mate

Mitt Romney apparently thinks that picking an Ayn Rand quoting lunatic like Paul Ryan as his running mate is going to reinvigorate his stalled out campaign.  I'm sure it will go over great with seniors when they learn how Ryan has sworn to destroy Medicare and Social Security, as well as trim $3.5 trillion from other "worthless" "big government programs" over the next 10 years.  While some right-wing crazies at the _Weekly Standard_ advocated for Ryan, apparently Mitt has never learned that the content of right-wing blogs and magazines are "not intended to be factual statements", as Senator Kyl put it.

Hilariously, however, now that Romney has picked Ryan as his running mate, he is apparently backing away from Ryan's Ludicrous, Economy-crashing, Slash-and-burn budget plan which he laughable called _The Path to Prosperty_.  Of course it IS a path to prosperity for billionaires who want to pay lower taxes, because that is the sole purpose of collapsing the government.  Rich people don't want to pay the bill for government, even though they use government services more than anyone else.  That's right, rich people constantly run to government to get it to defend their property interests.  They are always using the court system, whereas the average person might be in court a few times in their whole lives.  Rich people also rely on government infrastructure to operate their businesses and these businesses would not exist with things like the Interstate Highway system that many right-wing wealth-ocrats opposed in the first place.  Certainly Ayn Rand opposed it, and she is Ryan's hero.

Time will tell whether voters think this is a good pick.  I don't think that even having Ryan on the ticket will make conservatives fall in love with him, and I don't think that Ryan can sell his brand of bat$h1tCRAZY to independent voters.  Ryan will be a new vote loser.  It probably cost him the election.  Then again, he was on a trajectory of failure even without this newest albatross.

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