Friday, August 17, 2012

AntiChrist Paul Ryan Shirtless Photo Proves He's Lying about Physique

A shirtless photo of Paul Ryan taking a little swim with his wife a few years ago in Oklahoma proves that Ryan's physique is hardly Olympic class, contrary to the propaganda.  See for yourself, below.  Of course, the Romney campaign is spinning this photo by saying that this is "before" he started working out with P90X. However, Ryan has claimed that he was "always been kind of a workout guy", and presumably *always* would include six years ago.  Indeed, P90X is just one particular gimmick workout routine, but frankly, I would expect someone who claimed to be a "professional physical trainer" to look more impressive.  Granted, he doesn't look fat, but he certainly is not in the 6% body fat ballpark in that photo, as he now claims to be. His arms don't look particularly massive or even ripped, and his chest, aside from being scruffy, doesn't look that imposing either.  To be honest, he doesn't look that unusual in terms of the fitness level you would find at almost any random person you selected at your local gym.  He's perhaps a bit above average, for the general population, but only because he doesn't follow Sarah Palin's advice and eating a bunch of sugary cookies.  Instead he seems to be following Michelle Obama's advice about getting active and spending more time outdoors.
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