Monday, August 20, 2012

666 Anti-Christ Ryan Co-sponsored Akin Rape Law

Mitt Romney quickly attempted to disavow the despicable comments of Congressman Akin who believes that abortion should not be allowed even in cases of rape.  However, the problem is that that his running mate, 666 Antichrist Paul Ryan is the co-sponsor of Akin's bill that would prohibit women from getting abortions, even the the case of rape.  Now there is all this pressure to get Akin to quit.  But where is the pressure to ask Antichrist Paul Ryan to quit, considering that he is a 666 shaped cookie cutter copy of Todd Akin.

Of course, on one level, it makes sense that the Antichrist would be anti-abortion, even though it's not what the naive would expect on first blush.  The Antichrist wants as many babies to be born as possible so that he can corrupt them.  How would we expect the Antichrist or his demonic minions to be born except through acts of rape and violence.  Now they want the state to force these raped women to carry their spawn to full term.  Of course, they use the language of self-righteousness, claiming to be holier than thou in their opposition to abortion.  However, the reality is that they only oppose it because they want to have larger armies of darkness for the final battle.  Many of the world's worst dictators, such as Hitler and Nicolae Ceausescu were opposed to abortion because they were extreme militarists and wanted to have plenty of cannon fodder to send off to die on the battlefields for them.  It is no less true in this case.

Still it is the height of hypocrisy for Mitt Romney to disavow the very position that his Antichrist Vice Presidential running mate advocated until five minutes ago.  It's also not believable.  It is a sign that certain people, like Romney will say anything and promise anything, no matter how insincere in order to get elected.

Romney has flip flopped so many times on the issue of choice that the late Ted Kennedy said of Romney, "I'm pro-choice.  My opponent is multiple-choice".

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