Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Calling BS on Ryan's Fitness Claims

The news media seems to be unaware that people exaggerate about things like weight or how much they they work out or can bench press.  Take Paul (Eddie Munster) Ryan, who claims that to only have 6% body fat and says he weighs 163 lbs, despite being 6'2".  Why this self-aggrandizing braggadocio has circulated in the first place, as though it is relevant to his qualifications to be the Republican candidate for the Vice Presidency of the US, is a mystery in itself.  However, since it is clear that the Romney campaign is putting out such stuff, as opposed to substantive position points, I say *prove it*.
Let's put a scale up on the stage and see if Ryan is Lyin about this too.  See, lots of people lie about their weight.  Lots of guys also lie about how much they can bench.  As a guy who is 5'11" about about 165 (of course, I could be lying), I am naturally a bit suspicious that someone three inches taller and older than me weighs less.  Sure it's possible, but I'm not in bad shape myself.  Still, I have friends who are 6'2" and they don't weight 163 lbs -- it's more like 180-185.  I guess Ryan wants us to believe that he should have been in the Olympics or something.  Maybe if LYING was an olympic sport then he could have won another GOLD for team USA.

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