Friday, August 24, 2012

breivik not insane just ultra-rightwing narcissist

Mass-murdering, far-rightwing, Christian militiant Anders Breivik was ruled to be sane, but just narcissistic and overly-theatrical by a court in Norway, who sentenced him to life in prison for his shooting rampage.  In other words, he is just an ordinary Republican ideologue, like Mitt Romney, or Paul Ryan, here in the US.

Both of these individuals are extreme narcissists, and prone to theatrical bombast, themselves. . It's true that they are too chicken$hit to shoot of anything but their big mouths, but, of course, they would be more than happy to let their minions do the dirty work for them.  Mitt would be more than happy to order the military to  do his killing for him, in the unlikely event that he were to become Command-in-Chief, however.  

Yes, at least Bat$hit Breivik had the courage of his convictions, whereas so-called leaders like Mitt Romney cave-in and flip flop on literally everything, as the latest Todd Akin event nicely illustrated.  Romney immediately declared, contrary to the Republican National Platform and his own running mate's position, as well as the official positions of the Mormon and Catholic church, that abortions were A-OK with HIM as long as it was a ... you know..."legitimate rape".  Actually Romney doesn't care how many kids have to die as long as his maniacal ambition of becoming president will be realized by it.  

Ryan, likewise, had actually co-sponsored legislation with Akin to outlaw abortions in cases of rape equally folded like a cheap suit, saying that "sure" he personally believed women who are raped should be prohibited from getting abortions, as the Catholic church, but that he is Mitt Romney's little b1tch now, so he is happy to say, do, and suck whatever Romney tells him to.  This reminds one of the 13th Rule of Ignatius Loyola who advised that, "we ought always to hold that the white which I see, is black, if the Hierarchical Church so decides it".  Only, in this case, it sounds like Ryan now believes that Romney has more authority over him than the Pope does.  Therefore, if Romney ordered Ryan to start thinking that having black or red skin is a curse from God, which is still official Mormon teaching, then Ryan would start professing this new position, and beating on his Book of Mormon to prove it.

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