Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Romney Calls for Tax Break, after mocking 47% for not paying taxes

In the on-going debate between Romney and himself, the left side of Romney's mouth has now declared that we need a massive new tax break of $17,000/person, even though the right side of his mouth just got done saying that 47% of people are deadbeats for not paying any federal income tax.  Of course, the main reason so many people pay so little income tax is because of George Bush's massive tax cuts, which single-handedly squandered the surplus built up under Clinton, while added trillions to the deficit.  Naturally, Romney wants us to ignore how he is going to pay for this massive tax break bribery in exchange for votes, which has been the standard operating procedure for Republicans for the past couple decades.  The only problem, is that the GOP only recently rediscovered the fact that the nation is massively in debt, largely due to their policies of cutting taxes while not cutting spending.  They often tried to label Democrats as "Tax and Spend", but their own policy of "Tax and Borrow at high interest rates" is far more financially destructive.

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