Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Multiple Choice Mitt Debates Self on Abortion

Mitt has recently been trying to comb his hair more like Reagan, believing that perhaps people will confuse him for the latter.  But if the Gipper were around today, (aside from being extremely old) he would probably say to Mitt, "There you go again".  See Mitt is flip flopping on abortion yet again.  He is saying that he still believes abortion is murder and all, but he wouldn't seek to pass any laws about it, if he were elected president.  The reason Ted Kennedy labelled Mitt "multiple-choice" on abortion is because he has always tried to be on both sides of the issue. When Mitt ran a losing Senatorial campaign against Kennedy, Romney claimed that he was "pro-choice", because "his mother was pro-choice".  But then, when he wanted to run for Governor that wouldn't fly with the GOP, so he decided that he didn't give a rat's a$$ what his mother thought, and declared that he was "pro-life".
But we didn't expect him to hold that position for long, especially with the polls showing that the GOP "War on Women" has been an epic fail.  So Mitt started up his Outsourced Mexican Flip Flop Factory again, and churned out his latest compromise.  He's pro-life, but he promises not to act like it, as long as you vote for him.  I wonder how long he's gonna hold this position.  Probably about as long as it takes a pair of dollar store flip flops to wear out.  In other words, about five minutes.

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