Monday, October 29, 2012

Romney's Mormon Canned Food Obsession

As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the East Coast, Mitt Romney is touting the useless idea that people should be collecting and donating canned food to give to organizations like the Red Cross to help with relief.  This is largely to deflect from Mitt's previously stated position to abolish federal disaster relief acencies like FEMA and his suggestion that the aid given to Katrina victims was "immoral".  The problem is that the Red Cross, among other relief agencies, has already said that they don't want canned food and can't use it.  They can't store it and it is difficult to transport or distribute from place to place.  Also, some of the canned food may already be expired and can do more harm than good, if one is not careful.

But none of this deters Romney, probably because, as a Mormon, they have an obsession with stockpiling huge amounts of canned food, which they believe will help them survive Armageddon.  Of course, the reality is that, in a real crisis, people would probably just shoot the smug little Mormons for their canned food and then it would do no them good anyway.  It's just a scam run by the Mormon church, which tells members that they need to keep a multi-year supply because it creates the illusion that this makes them more prepared than the rest of the populace.

In any event, Sandy might linger for a couple days at most, and many things, such as fruits and vegetables can easily keep for a few days, even without refrigeration.  Besides canned food is NASTY and usually unhealthy, with tons of salt and preservatives, and that is basically why nobody wants to eat the crap, even in an emergency.  It is why many food banks and shelters can't give it away, even to homeless people.  It is why only dimwit Mormons like Romney think that it's the simple-minded quick fix for dealing with any emergency, even though it would really do nothing of any significance to help out.

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