Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Escape Mitt's Binder. Vote Obama.

Why the hell does Mitt need a BINDER full of persons all pre-selected on the criteria of *not having dingalings* so that he can occasionally hire one of them?  Most companies have mandatory, yearly training on avoiding sexual harassment and sexual discrimination. It sounds to me though, like big shot Mitt has never had to take any of those.  Those are only for the peons and underlings that serve him.   However, in the real world, for a person to admit that he has a separate binder of hoochie-mamas that he occasionally opens up, when they can't find a man to do the job would surely be something that sexual harassment training would instruct management to avoid.  It sounds, therefore, like Mitt very clearly has separate and unequal views men and women, when it comes to hiring.  In short, it appears that Mitt tipped his hand a bit too much the other day, and basically admitted that he has engaged in overt discrimination, based upon gender.

That is, if he only looked at a "binder" full of women to fill a position then he even engaged in *reverse discrimination* which right-wingers scream about all the time, by refusing to consider male candidates.  Presumably he did not go to male advocacy groups like NO MAAM, with local chapters meeting down at the "nudie bar", to build "binders of men".

That would, after all be *kind of gay* and we know that Mitt believes it is his religious duty to stick it in as many women as he can.  Unfortunately, Mormons cannot legally have more than one "official" wife, but they can have as many "girlfriends" and corporate "sex workers" as they can afford.

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