Saturday, October 27, 2012

Flippin Mitt is Full of Shitt

Oh, I know there was great outrage when Obama said what everyone else already thinks, that Flippin' Mitt is a total BSer, which is about like observing that the sky tends to be blue.  However, for those of us who have been tracking this phenomena for far longer than Obama, we have a special term for Mitt's BS.  It is dubbed Mitt Shitt, which is a special substance that is so rank and fetid that merely calling it bullsh*t is like calling the late Kim Jong Il "slightly eccentric".  Let's get real.  Mitt has taken the concept of bullsh1t artistry to an industrial scale.  He could spray coat the QE2 in five minutes flat with it.  His latest, of course is his flip flop trying to imply that he would support subsidies for wind power in Iowa,, where he is sucking hard in the polls.  Of course, in classic Mitt fashion, he doesn't actually say that he would support wind power, but he wants you think that he does, since he is saying it in Iowa where they have a lot of it, and are voting against him due to his backstabbing of former Republican allies like Grassley, who want to support the wind industry that Iowa has created.  

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