Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Big Bird Endorses Obama, Flip Mitt "the Bird"

Grouchy Mitt Romney, in addition to be a marathon liar, just like his running mate, also apparently hates little children so much that he wants to OUTSOURCE BIG BIRD.  What kind of a monster does that.  Apparently the same kind of monster who outsources thousands of American jobs to India, China & Mexico.  Big bird has responded in kind by flipping Mitt "the Bird" and endorsing Obama.  It is ridiculous to think that the paltry amounts of money that PBS gets have any significance to the National debt.  This is less than a single grain of sand in a Sahara Desert of debt, mainly created by Republicans like George W. Bush, who massively cut taxes, but did not cut spending.

Virtually every major country in the world has their own national broadcasting company.  Getting rid of ours in the US would therefore be as mindless as it is unnecessary.  It would accomplish nothing other than to embarrass the US, and to deny education to children and information to adults.  Perhaps that is really what Republicans want.  To turn everyone into low information voters like them.

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