Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama the best hope for it and weep

If you care about science and specifically about the US continuing to lead and innovate in science, then you should vote for Barrack Obama, says Johns Hopkins medical researcher Andy Feinberg.  The article also notes that they attempted to contact the Romney/Ryan campaign for a counter-balanced view, but they refused to comment.  That should tell you something about how much Romney and Ryan care about science.  Ryan in particular has proposed massive cuts to the NIH and other government supported scientific research programs.   Obama has proposed increasing government-supported scientific research to 3% of GDP, which  would build and beef up our long tradition of supporting basic research.  The president has also used reality-based information when dealing with issues such as renewable energy development, climate change, and a host of other politically contentious, scientific hotcakes.  A Romney/Ryan administration would return us to the days of witch hunts against climate scientists, revisions of their reports, and perhaps another ban on government support for embryonic stem cell research, given Ryan's professed belief that a single-celled organism deserves the same rights as a fully-developed human being.  The Bush era limitations on stem cell research allowed many other countries to advance far beyond the US in this crucial area, and future cuts or bans would probably be the death knell of American leadership in science, in general.

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