Thursday, October 25, 2012

God Wills The Rape And the Pregnancy Mourdock Says

Richard Mourdock, by proclaiming that pregnancies from rape are "something that God intended to happen" is saying that God willled the rape as well as the pregnancy.  This is ought to offend religious people, though all the religious nutjobs are rallying to Mourdock, prinicpally because they appear to be too dumb to understand what he said.  It highlights their ignorant lack of understand of their professed religious beliefs and their insincerity in general.  It also proves, once and for all, that anti-abortionists are trying to force religion on other people through the legal system.  Mourdock thinks its God's will that the woman was raped, and he will make sure that the legal system forces her to follow what he believes is God's will.  Osama bin Laden would have been proud of that theocratic viewpoint, though he preferred forcing Islam on people, whereas Mourdock prefers snake-handling, back-woods, bible thumping.

But as theologians are quick to point out, this puts God on the hook for evil. He should have said that the rape was God's punishment for the woman being an evil little slut, or something.  That would have allowed him to blame the victim, who probably had it coming anyway, because she was wearing lipstick or something.  But apparently Mourdock isn't even smart enough to do that, and that's why he is too dumb to deserve to be a senator.

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