Friday, October 12, 2012

666 Antichrist Paul Ryan Waffles on Abortion

Mr. 666 Paul Ryan had to try to pretend that he cares about human life in the Vice Presidential debate, but had to defend formerly pro-choice Mitt Romney who now wants to go against the GOP party platform and allow abortion in the case of rape or to protect the life of the mother.  Now Romney has even gone one better by promising that he doesn't intend to pass any legislation to limit abortion.  Gee, tell that to Paul Ryan who has sponsored 38 anti-abortion bills, including one with Todd Akin that tried to exclude certain types of rape as an exception under which abortion would be permissible.  Of course Ryan wants to outlaw abortion so that his demonic armies of the antichrist can be born through forced impregnations, and they can begin the final battle.  

Furthermore, critics are certainly correct that the rape exception is a loophole big enough to drive an oil tanker through.  All a women would have to say is, "I was raped by some unknown guy.  Now where's my abortion?"  If one says that abortion is A-OK to protect the life of the mother, then it becomes a judgment call on the part of the doctor, because all pregnancies carry some risk of death to the mother.  Furthermore, Once one starts with exceptions it is likely that ever more exceptions will be found.  Why not allow abortion for severe birth defects. There might as well not be a ban...oh wait a minute, there isn't one's been perfectly legal for 40 years and Republicans have failed to do anything to significantly curtail it.  Even now, Romney is afraid to take a hard anti-abortion position because his polling numbers tell him that it will probably cost him the election.  So all we are left with is Mr. 666 making empty promises and compromising principles that he doesn't believe in anyway.  

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