Sunday, April 5, 2009

Aaronc's Blogsite Manifesto

My normal blogs are for sharing with a wider audience and I have never felt comfortable adding some of my religious or political views there, because my boss, co-workers, and and others might not like or agree with some of my views. I don't want them to feel uncomfortable, so I thought that I could create a place that is a little more intimate, that I don't share with everyone.

As the title above suggests, one of my main interests is Biblical Errancy. I noticed some years ago that my first name Aaron, combined with the initial of my last name spelled "aaronc" which sounds like the word "errancy", as used by theologians, in particular, to describe potential inaccuracies, omissions, misinformation, etc which might be contained in the Bible. Most of the critiques tend to be philosophical and literary. However, there are also issues of fact to explore.

As a consequence, I also collect information from science sites which might be used as ammunition to challenge various positions, implications, and assertions of the Bible authors or their interpreters. I like to collect information on evolution, in particular, since this really gets the fundamentalists worked up.

The rest of the content will generally tend to be political commentary, mainly from the left end of the spectrum.

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