Saturday, November 6, 2010

Suspicious timing of Olbermann silencing

Isn't it interesting that, right after the election, at the very moment that Keith Olbermann might be most able to be the voice of the opposition, he is effectively fired. Isn't it interesting that Comcast has inked a deal to take over MSNBC and COO Steve Burke, a Bush fundraiser, wants Olbermann gone. Isn't it interesting that people like Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchannan have openly admitted to contributing to political candidates and raising funds for candidates on the MSNBC airwaves and they have never been hit with trumped up ethics charges involving a few thousand dollars. For the mathematically literate out there, about $3 billion dollars was spent by both parties in this election cycle. The idea that contributing a few thousand dollars to a candidate would destroy the journalistic objectivity of a left-wing political commentary TV show is beyond absurd.
This certainly destroys the myth of a liberal media, yet again. Suspending Olbermann hurts the network far worse than they hurt him, but they don't care because the corporate masters are more worried about currying right-wing political favor than even the money they make on his show. To claim that the silencing of Olbermann is being done in defense of journalism and the free-press is precisely the kind of orwellian double-speak we would expect from these monolithic, undemocratic, unaccountable corporations.

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