Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christian Grinches aka Crinches

Nothing quite conveys the hateful spirit of extremist Christianity during this "season of joy" so much as a Dallas megachurch setting itself up as politically correct language police and threatening to boycott and defame businesses who don't say "Merry Christmas", by labelling them "Grinches". Right-wingers love to bloviate about "political correctness", because they wrongly believe that the term can't apply to them, since they have no intention of sparing anyone's feelings. In reality, however, right-wingers are often far more politically correct than their opponents, because if they hear one word or phrase that is counter to their orthodoxy, they throw a tantrum about how their feelings have been hurt, and then proceed with these kinds of crazy witch-hunts and crusades immediately to persecute the perceived perpetrators. That is the very political correctness they attempt to criticize when liberals do it. If one asks "What Would the Grinch Do WWtGD?", almost certainly the Grinch would be a Christian extremist, since these individuals have no love for people in general. They only love those who agree with them and hate and scorn the rest of humanity, for daring to disagree with them.

It is even more ironic that these same individuals who attempt to mandate the automatic proclamation of "Merry Christmas", regardless of whether the speaker or the target is Christian would be terribly incensed and offended if ordered to say, "Happy Hannukah" during Hannukah. True, the christian doesn't celebrate Hannukah, but ...oh my non-existent being I think we just had a "do onto others" breakthrough...if these people actually followed the teachings of their founder. Instead, these same individuals want to force other people to help them advertise Christmas, while they would never accept the same level of coercion, instead of simply saying something more inclusive like "Happy Holidays".

I have spoken to a few of these fanatics and they inform me that, if a cashier dared to say "Happy Holidays", that they would demand a refund on the spot. As a former shop keeper I have expressed some skepticism about how well this might work. After all, if you want a refund, you are no longer a customer, so why should I go out of my way to please you. I think that many shop keepers, when confronted with this kind of mindless, passive-aggressive nonsense, that inconveniences the customer and the store, would like say, "Get the f*** out of my store, and don't come back....Oh and happy assHolidays to you too." In fact, I was suggesting that non-religious people should get temporary jobs at big retailers like Walmart during the *HOLiday SeASSon* and go out of our way to wish people "HaPPy HOLidays", or other inappropriate things, like wishing customers "Merry Kwanzaa" or "Super Solstice" or "Fabulous Festivus". In fact, my favorite phrase during this time of year is "Merry Christmyth", which sounds almost like what fanatics want us to say, especially if you say it quickly or pretend you have a lisp. When the fanatics complain one can say, "Christmas goes against my religious beliefs, so asking me to say 'merry Christmas'" is religious discrimination. It might even work if tried by a liberal court in California or something. That could stop these demon-hearted Christian Grinches (Crinches) deader than the Crucifiction [stet].

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