Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If Whitney Houston Was A Baptist Then Obama Is A Catholic

It's starting to become increasingly obvious that Whitney Houston had a serious alcohol and probably drug problem which was not under control and a lot of people had to be intentionally looking the other way to not notice it.  There's the image and then there's the reality.  I mean Houston is technically a Baptist, after all, at least in theory.  My understanding is that Baptists generally frown upon the idea of clubbing and getting shitfaced in public, which seems to be exactly what Houston was doing. It would be like Rick Santorum buying jumbo packs of Rough Rider Condoms.
And yet I suspect that Whitney would have labelled herself, perhaps loudly, a Baptist, despite the fact that her Baptismal font was probably filled with Everclear instead of water.  If Houston was a Baptist then Obama's a Catholic.  I mean Obama did go to a Catholic school for a couple years.  However, at least he has the decency to not claim that this makes him a Catholic, any more than attending a muslim school for a few years made him a muslim.

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